Dark Ages

9/11. Three numbers. Thousands of losses. Millions of memories. Billions suffering through the sorrows.

For some it was a solemn memoir brought to the surface of consciousness. It split the wound as if a scab was disturbed in an innocent moment of forgetfulness allowing its violation. We mourn anew. We weep without shame.

Our national “leadership” stood at attention, listened to the anthem he feigns reverence for, then turned from the American people, grasped his wife’s hand and walked away, again, from fully being in the moment. The relevance of his theatrics, his emotional absence on this anniversary and the irrelevance he finds our pain to be as an issue in his life; is obvious.

We mourned the history of 9/11. Obama’s brethren attacked our sovereign embassies in Cairo and Benghazi, Libya. This would be an act of war if we killed a Senior Ambassador from any other country. This would be an act of war if there were a president in office. This would be an act of war if a man or woman of character and integrity inhabited the White House.

But we don’t have a president. We have Obama.

The man’s an embarrassment. He can show his disdain for the American people with his demonstrated narcissism and his self-centered dismissal of our ideals in favor of his utopian dream of everybody sitting around the table at the United Nations singing Kumbaya. It’s interesting the first thing said concerning the Islamists’ protest to a movie trailer floating around the internet was a statement trying to sooth, mollify and apologize for the actions of a private American citizen with these words: “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.”

I, personally, don’t give a flip for their religious feelings. I don’t care for their religion’s ideology of hatred. I don’t care for the practice of violence against any person not seeing the issue their way. I don’t care if they prosper or grow. I’ll fight their efforts to take over the world through their practice of sectarian terrorism. I don’t accept, condone or care for their misogynist, sexist, bigoted dogma acceptant of slavery as it concerns their women and any other creature they say they’re superior to, and thus possess, at any given moment.

Any hope these people had of me seeing the world from their viewpoint and recognizing the trials they “suffer” openly, was murdered, by them, when they killed our ambassador. They should suffer any and all sanctions their own religion calls for if an “infidel” such as they describe us, commits against them. They should be punished by that wrathful, intolerant little god they worship with a fervor demonstrated to be open fanaticism.

Others love and respect their God as much as these people but we try to obey his commandments. We don’t define his love as malicious and demonstrably violent if a person doesn’t see it the way THEY INTERPRET God’s messenger’s word. It’s not God’s word that’s wrong: it’s man’s self-centered belief he can speak for God that’s wrong.

And this is where ALL religious fanatics get it wrong. This is the point where God steps out of the equation and the unholy, irreligious geometry of Man, dogma and sectarian philosophy stops mankind’s advancement and pilots us backward toward the Dark Ages.

9/11. New York City. Washington D.C. All the other cities where fundamentalist Islamist terrorists have struck across the world, bowed their heads in prayer. The fallen were honored for the fact they died outrageously at the unrighteous hands of dogmatic terrorists seeking to spread their religion’s worldwide foothold. Little men worshipping their religion, not their God, but the religion built up around him, struck at the heart of the world outside the limited borders of their tiny, bigoted intellects.

Fundamentalist Islamist terrorists attacked; killing the innocent, defiling the memory of the dead, slaying the hope of peace through bipartisan negotiation. They strike from a demonic mania supported by selfishness. They epitomize the rabid hatred of intolerance.

May Allah strike them.

Thanks for listening.

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