What’s He Painting On That Canvas?

Appeasement is the act of giving something to an aggressive power to keep the peace; like giving a dog food from your plate to keep it from biting you and taking it.

Appeasement as a diplomatic policy aims at avoiding war by making concessions to aggressors; diplomacy by admitting the possibly imaginary wrongs of an accused nation to satisfy grievances. The appeaser cowers in a subservient position accenting unilaterally deep, self-destructive compromise. The appeaser may possibly avoid armed conflict in the moment but creates the perception the appeaser is weak and irresolute in future negotiations. Neville Chamberlain emerged from an airplane, peace treaty in hand and declared he had assured “peace in our time”. Adolf Hitler proved Chamberlain’s statement and appeasement policy would be historically inaccurate and homicidally inept as it pertained to foreign policy. Appeasement was used by those wanting to avoid war at all costs because the memory of World War I was still fresh within the minds of the British. Before it was done and over with, millions of people died in World War II.

Conciliation equals capitulation.

Beaurat Obama, the incumbent “Chamberlain”, keeps his eyes shielded from the truth our problems in the Middle East are a direct result of Appeasement Policies going back before Jimmy Carter. This policy of weak-willed conciliation at Obama’s hands works well concerning efforts to “fundamentally change” America. If his goal is to strip us of our apparent resolve and leadership on the world stage; the cretin’s succeeding. America’s resolve appears liquid and leaking down Obama’s pants leg.

This isn’t a game of Stratego © (produced by Milton Bradley). This is real, everyday conflict conducted with real bullets, tanks, missiles and casualties. This is the international game board where despots and potentates work to control not only their own little countries, but to become masters recognizable as regional and world players.

Appeasement is a coward’s policy seeking to protect his place in history. He demands his philosophy take precedence over reality. Neville Chamberlain cemented his name on history’s pages. It’s arguably possible to place the European devastation in World War II securely at his political feet of clay. Scholars debate whether Chamberlain had any other choices at the time he failed to act decisively. He accepted Hitler’s demands. Chamberlain set other European nations in alignment to be toppled like dominoes in a row. We’ll never know the possible outcomes of other actions he refused to take.

War is inevitable. It’s in the genetic structure of human beings to be combative and self-serving. Philosophers have long theorized concerning the lighter versus the darker sides of human behavior. The preponderance of historical evidence proves men prefer to exert power over reason concerning their perception of threats in their environment. They’ll fight to maintain their status quo. They’ll kill to advance personal agendas they justify through religious canon and dogma. Conflict resulting in the death of opposing protagonists may not be philosophically acceptable, but the death of an enemy assures that enemy will no longer be a threat. And, the message sent to the families and allies of the vanquished is effective and demonstrably compelling: “don’t mess with me or you’ll die too!” Man devastates to subjugate. Man subjugates before he obliterates.

Morally challenged people like Obama have problems with foreign policy because establishing policy protecting the goals and demands of Americans is foreign to his goals and demands. Obama’s a dilettante dabbling and playing with a brightly colored palette. He’s now seeing the palette must be balanced between the subtleties of the pastels he thinks he should work with and the boldness of the primary colors he must blend to achieve those hues defining America’s place in the world and our ideals on the subjects debated. Obama masquerades as a renaissance master when he’s not good enough to function with finger paints.

His impressionist efforts aren’t easily understandable and they’re getting Americans killed daily. We need a realist in office to paint the landscape we’ll work in daily. The canvas can depict a field of dreams or a battlefield.

We need a realist in office; not a student from a self-absorbed impressionist school of “art”.

Thanks for listening.

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