Nancy Pelosi Says She Doesn’t Know Who Jeff Landry Is

This is going to be like poking a honey badger with a stick…

Most House Republicans might consider it a badge of honor to have Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., single them out by name for criticism. But perhaps not so much when Pelosi actually claims publicly to not even recognize their name.

“I don’t know who that is. Who’s that?” asked Pelosi on Thursday during a news conference when asked to respond to calls, including from freshman Rep. Jeff Landry, for President Obama to demand Congress pull aid to Libya and Egypt. Pelosi was informed he was from Louisiana.

Later, she asked reporters whether their sources are telling them Republicans will bring Congress into session in October, or not. One newshound cracked, “I’ll ask Jeff Landry.” Pelosi responded unimpressed, saying, “I mean, I thought you were talking up here,” holding her hand to signify higher ups in the GOP hierarchy.

We found out about this after seeing a Tweet from the Huffington Post’s Jennifer Bendery…

And then we asked Bendery whether the professed ignorance was the real McCoy or trash-talk from the former House Speaker. She seemed to think it was the former…

We’re not sold on this; we think it’s a bit more likely that Pelosi was attempting to diss Louisiana’s cajun congressman. It’s not like Landry is a wallflower up there in Congress. He is, after all, the guy who told Obama to shove his White House invitation where the sun don’t shine, and he’s the guy who held up the “Drilling = Jobs” sign at an Obama speech. Landry is also the guy who, a couple of months ago, tore up Pelosi’s pal Nydia Velazquez in a committee hearing; she didn’t get word about that?

And it isn’t like Pelosi’s never run across Landry on the House floor; we’ve got the evidence in writing here and here.

We’re pretty sure this was Pelosi’s way of avoiding having to answer a question about somebody in Congress attempting to represent the vast majority of the American people who don’t want to see one more red cent of money we don’t have get shoveled to a government run by Islamists who refuse to disperse the violent mob which has collected outside our embassy practically all week. Instead of addressing yet another issue the San Francisco lefty is at odds with the American people on, she just played dumb.

Landry, as our readers know, isn’t going to take this kind of thing lying down…

“Either Mrs. Pelosi has a failing memory or she turns a deaf ear every time a conservative stands to speak. Coming from the lady who didn’t know what was in Obamacare until it passed, it is not surprising.”

We don’t have any inside info on this, but it’s a suspicion that from now until Election Day – or beyond, in the event Landry can beat Charles Boustany and the other three candidates in the field for the 3rd District seat – Landry will make it his life’s work to let Pelosi know who he is.

Because that’s what you usually get when you poke a ferocious critter with a stick.

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