The Station’s On Fire

Obama shows such disdain for the conduct of good government and intelligent foreign policy. It’s getting a lot of play these days. He’s got a disturbing set of priorities. The Ambassador he chose for Benghazi, Libya was killed and all Obama did was start up his wimp engine and proclaim the act wasn’t a planned attack by terrorists. For over a week he sang this aria and his chorus repeated it so often it sounded like the Top 20 track at an AM Radio station.

It was force-fed to us by: Beaurat Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Under-Secretaries of State down to the basement where Court Jester Jay Carney plays with his GI Joes. Carney conducted a near-endless stumbling rendition of what was before him because even he couldn’t believe what he was being forced to say. It was Islamist Apologetics of a never-before seen magnitude outside of the Cairo Protocols.

While all of this transpired Obama jetted to Las Vegas to pick up some cash for the campaign and schmooze with the liberal wannabe movers and shakers in the entertainment industries as well as others. It’s trips like these assure we understand what his priorities are and always will be: re-election and then as The Brain says in the Warner Brothers Cartoon: “I’ll take over the world!”

Obama says Egypt is and isn’t an ally. (?) As the Middle-East goes through the preliminaries of a melt-down, this guy can’t decide if Egypt is an ally or not.  Wonderful.

Let me give a clue to our Demander in Chief. Mubarak was our ally. The Islamists primed the people to revolt. It wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. It was put together, the flames were fueled by libertarian rhetoric and the Islamists came to power under the guise of free and open elections. Since then, the Muslim Brotherhood, a singularly Anti-American operation has risen to power with a new President, Mohamed Morsi. He’s a member of that cabal, though it’s believed he’s a little more moderate than some of his buddies.

Moderation for Muslim Brotherhood members seems to mean they change out the bags they put over your head after each beheading. They surely aren’t interested in peaceful co-existence with anybody not card-carrying Islamists of recognized stature.

So, you’d think they’d love Beaurat. It’s not so it seems, because he’s continued his schizophrenic foreign policy statements to the delight of Brotherhood. For them, if you aren’t on their train you’re not leaving the station. And, failure to be on the train means you’re going to be left behind because you’re too stupid to read the writing on the wall.

Oh Look! There’s our boy Beaurat waving at the caboose as it fades into the darkness. Is that station burning down around him?

Obama’s priorities are indecipherable. Does the guy want to be a president or does he just want to be a footnote in history. He’s no more effective than some of the light weight middle-east dictators like Khadafy Duck or Arafat. They were opportunists ruling with an iron hand holding a grenade on one side and an AK-47 in the other. They’re dangerous, but a dangerous incompetent is still incompetent. So we see Obama fitting that image.

New clue for you buddy. Egypt’s not an ally. You blew that when you allowed Hosni Mubarak to be arrested and imprisoned. But that wasn’t the real act of stupidity shot the pup. It was your belief you could treat or carry on negotiations with a view to settle with madmen masquerading as people wanting interaction with us.

Uh, Beaurat? They don’t want to be our friends. They want us dead or enslaved. First they take over the Middle-east again, then they start taking over the rest of the world. It says so in the Koran; or did you miss that little element of religious instruction during your idyllic travels to Indonesia? Did you miss that part during your nap while getting your Dreams from Your Father? Did that nap happen during daily lessons on the Koran?

Your skewed priorities are catching up with you Beaurat and it isn’t looking pretty for our future.

Thanks for listening.

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