Infiltration And Insurgency

Infiltration (v):  1. a process in which individuals (or groups) penetrate an area verb (used with object) filter into or through; permeate. 2. To move into an organization or the like; to surreptitiously and gradually, clandestinely and with hostile, subversive intent to spy, influence or covertly affect the host entity.


Insurgency (n): The ultimate goal of an insurgency is to challenge the existing government for control or force political concessions in sharing political power. Insurgencies require the active or tacit support of some portion of the population involved.

– 2012

This nation has proven with the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001; we’ll allow no obvious attack against this Homeland without swift and dire consequences to follow. We’ll fight to prevent the violent overthrow of our nation.

But, this great nation has always suffered one major illness born of the fatigue and physical exhaustion exhibited in weariness after full and all-out commitment to stop the aggression threatened us in the first place. We sit back to heal in solitude; asking no more than to be left alone to mend and repair our national spirit after fighting with a dedicated and extended rage exhausting our spiritual and physical resources.

We drop our guard.

And that’s when the vultures circle. That’s when the maggots invade the weakened host. That’s when the contagion of unrighteous, covert and insidious, spiritually diseased carrion eating filth infiltrates and extends the weakening process.

The insurgency of a nation’s soul isn’t conducted with troops and battle-standards contemptuously flying in the wind as an army advances. It starts with small things, like socialists entering into labor unions and influencing the membership to strike, not for greater safety in the workplace, but for the membership to gain parity and direction of the companies whether they’ve the skills to conduct business or not. It begins with infiltrators using the unalienable, God-given rights of American citizens to exercise Freedom of Speech. They protest the exercise by screaming prejudice, racism and unfair, libelous statements against them and their political system masquerading as religious freedom. They demand the rights they’d refuse others. They do it loudly and strenuously while insulting the nation gives them the chance to grow and excel because ALL American citizens have the rights they’d use to progress their agenda and deny those rights to others.

The infiltration and insurgency begins when self-serving, high-ranking politicians allow greed and avarice to supersede their mandate to protect the Constitution and the people of the United States, so they can make millions of dollars by controlling foreign affairs. Democrats and Republicans have betrayed America’s trust by accepting treaties and economic functionalities placing America in jeopardy and subservience behind the goals of our Arab “partners”. The Petro-chemical alliances bonding America to the Islamist State of Saudi Arabia is one example.

Infiltration occurs as American Presidents, in the name of cooperation between Islam and America, allow members of the Muslim Brotherhood membership in the very Homeland Security organizations commanded to be on guard against such infiltration. The Muslim Brotherhood members are seated on commissions, task forces and policy making committees where they can, and DO demand directives they find objectionable and “racist” be removed from publications and instructional media. This demanding, petulant and self-serving activity designed to advance Islamism removes our chance to train street enforcement agents on how to recognize, detail, report and fight the crimes committed by Radical Islamists against America.

The snakes sit, hiding in plain sight, with the protective cover dealt out by the very entities they work tirelessly to destroy.

First Nations people (formerly Native Americans) follow a life-plan. It’s called the Seven Generations, knowing it will take Seven Generations of our people to bring one agenda to fruition and for the glory of the people.

Americans don’t think much of the future anymore. They live in the “now” and fail to see the insidious rot and decay of their once solid principles.

There’ll always be the natural elements living off of the detritus and dead tissue of diseased and dying morals. We must enliven our moral outrage at the efforts of those who surreptitiously seek to destroy us from within.

Thanks for listening.

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