UPDATED: Stephanie Cutter Gets Even Dumber

The flackery of Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter didn’t exactly hit a new low yesterday – you can’t get much lower than calling the other candidate a felon, after all – but where it comes to doubling down on dumb statements this would seem to set a standard of sorts.

Cutter, with Romney spox Kevin Madden on CBS’ Face The Nation yesterday…

The actual quote:

“We are not the ones that brought up Big Bird. Big Bird is important because that’s the only thing Mitt Romney could point to as to how he’s going to reduce the deficit. Deficits are a big issues in this campaign and that’s the only thing you can point to…The president has a detailed plan on the table as to how to reduce these deficits.

“Romnesia is a playful term of what Mitt Romney is doing in the final days of this race. He’s run as the ideal tea party candidate, severely conservative…and in the last two weeks of the campaign he’s running to the middle.”

Madden’s response was well done…

“I don’t think the message to voters right now ought to be playing Scrabble with your opponent’s name when you have 23 million people struggling to find work.”

When this is over, how fast does Cutter end up with a show on MSNBC?

UPDATE: And then there was Cutter’s appearance on NBC this morning, to inform us all that Benghazi was NOT a foreign policy failure (glad to hear that, aren’t you?)…

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