Stephanie Cutter Goes On Bret Baier…

…and the result is seven minutes of tape every poli sci professor in America will be using for decades as a perfect example for their students of what NEVER to do if you want to work in politics.

Call it a dumpster fire, a train wreck, a Charlie Foxtrot, whatever you like. But you’ve got to see this…

(Link, just in case)

Ace Of Spades was rolling on the floor after watching this…

Bret Baier just interviewed her. She doubled down on claiming that Benghazi is only a political issue, claiming Romney was the first person to “politicize” it with his post-Cairo Embassy apologism statement.

She blabbled when Baier pointed out that the White House, too, had disowned those remarks– night of the protests in Cairo.

Plus, Baier didn’t note this, but Cairo is not in Libya.

She continued to claim this was all political, saying “We have two people out on the campaign trail accusing us of covering something up.”

When Bret Baier played the tape of Obama on Letterman again claiming it was a spontaneous YouTube protest, she claimed this was the information she had.

When Baier noted that the State Department issued a statement that it had never, not even in the earliest hours, been their belief that the attack had anything to do with the YouTube video, she claimed she got that information from “intelligence” (the CIA).

Having not done very well at all, she ended the interview vowing, “Next time I’ll bring my notes.”

Ace’s headline was beautiful: Stef Cutter Flees Interview; Makes Mistake of Not Fleeing Bret Baier

What he was talking about was’s Katie Pavlich, who asked Cutter the rather indelicate question whether she was going to resign over the “Hey, Romney and Ryan are playing politics in criticizing us over those four diplomats we planted last month” comment earlier today (and which she doubled down on, and thoroughly beclowned herself over, with Baier)…

You can’t really do that to Baier. So Cutter had to stick it out.

At this point, maybe she shouldn’t have. Maybe the Obama campaign would have been better off.

UPDATE: As bad as Cutter’s interview with Baier was, her boss Ben LaBolt’s radio spot in Cleveland this morning might actually have been worse. At least Cutter didn’t hang up on the host like LaBolt did…

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