VIDEO: Chris Christie Clobbers Obama’s Record

This took place at an office supply company in Virginia, and it’s one reason why even though Christie isn’t a down-the-line conservative (and we hate how chummy he is with the Muslim Brotherhood) he’s so popular with folks on the Right.

There just aren’t many GOP politicians willing to take rhetorical swings like this. Most Republican politicians come out of business or the private sector, where you generally don’t want to take swings at people. In the private sector you look for win-win opportunities, and you can’t successfully negotiate win-win arrangements when you spend your time bashing the other guy.

But Democrat politicians don’t come from business. They come from unions, or racial identity organizations, or trial lawyers. They grow up in a zero-sum game. They don’t know win-win, they know win-lose. They’re about beating people, not getting along with them. And as such, demonizing and belittling the other guy is what you do.

Christie, whose career prior to politics was as a prosecutor rather than a business guy, knows the win-lose. And he plays it accordingly. Which is how you get the passionate delivery of the “Obama’s stumbling around in the dark searching for a clue” line. You just wouldn’t expect to see a line like that from a guy like Mitt Romney – insults like that don’t get you far in business.

They do get you far in politics, though.

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