A Couple Of Hours With Bill Whittle

As a reader of this site you may have seen some of this already in previous post-election videos we’ve posted that Whittle has done. But this was a speech and a Q&A he gave to a Tea Party group in Hancock Park in the Los Angeles area a week after the election, and it’s well worth watching the whole two hours. Because Whittle, probably more than anybody, recognizes the true way forward for conservatives and libertarians in the Age of Obama.

That way forward has a number of facets. First, Whittle is on the leading edge of people who recognize that the Right has to recapture the culture, or at least a large piece of it, if it’s going to wrest political control of the country from the Left. While he notes that right now the picture is fairly grim, he says that even despite the hegemony the Left has over academia, entertainment and the news media they were only able to deliver about half the country to the polls for a political campaign markedly superior to that the Republicans had in terms of technology, organization and messaging. That means our side just needs to become a little better at what we do and elections will start to be foregone conclusions because the other side isn’t even competitive.

Whittle says getting messengers who match the message is crucial to getting a little better. That comes from a fight in the culture. Mitt Romney was a perfect example of that, as his fear of running as the successful capitalist he is while Obama branded him as a plutocrat for that success showed. Our side needs to be much more unapologetic, much bolder and much more entertaining to those folks who see everything through a pop-culture prism.

The other big part of what he talks about is that the future will be a post-government future. He borrows from former Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), who laid out history in three major waves. The first wave was the agricultural revolution, in which humans went from being hunter-gatherers to farmers and as a result could develop things like stable communities and stable institutions, but most of all the concept of individual freedom. That first wave ultimately produced the American revolution and the documents, values and philosophy which underpinned it, and created the most successful society in the history of the planet. The second wave, the industrial revolution, produced a centralization of society and a vertical command structure of its government, complete with agencies and bureaus and hundreds of thousands of pages of rules to be enforced at gunpoint.

But that second wave is over. We’re in the information age now and we have an industrial-age government which is broke. Its days are numbered if it’s not already gone. Whittle says let the Left cling to their outmoded model; the Right should move on and create Information Age institutions which reflect society as it is and outperform the Left’s institutions. He discusses ideas like the one he has where for $9.95 a month on your credit card you can fund a private-sector space program, and if two percent of the American people would be willing to sign up that program would likely be able to put astronauts back on the moon. But there are other manifestations of things along these lines – virtual universities over the internet, networks allowing for people to market their skills and do work outside of the confines of what we would currently define as a “real job,” and so on. Society is moving in that direction, and almost none of our governmental, Left-dominated institutions have the ability to keep up with those changes.

Thus, the post-government future. Our side is perfectly poised to prosper in it; the Left is not.

He expands on these things quite a bit in a very entertaining, informative and even inspiring speech.

And in the Q&A afterward, he outlines a publicity stunt which he hopes might reframe the political culture and embolden the GOP to find a messenger capable of properly reflecting the values and vision of the movement – something it has been unable to do effectively since Reagan…

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