The Race To Mediocrity

It seems the goal is to fundamentally change America. That’s an Obama quote. So; let’s understand what that means. We must drive the economy to the point of being subterranean and incapable of self-sustenance. It’s Obama’s position the playing field needs leveling; that everybody can be made equal through government intercession. He believes he can kiss all the boo-boos and wave his magic wand and things will be better. He assures us he’s morally right. We know there have been great “successes” (?) in areas other than the economy where the government has moved us off of our pedestal as leaders in independent thinking: like education.

With the birth and development of the Department of Education as a cabinet level post; we’ve managed to take a mildly retarded (get over the use of the word, PC I am NOT!) educational system we had in the 1950s that was more in alignment with Agrarian society and make it worse. We started following theorists trying to shift us toward metropolitan, speculative programs over those proven sufficient for over 90% of the American population. We were told, by following these Progressive ideas, all would get better. We’d be competitive on the world market. We’re now 14th in the world in reading, science and math. Individual rakings are: 14th in reading, 17th for science and 25th for mathematics.

Prior to this we were in the top 10 I believe.

Philosophers tried, by the strength of their rhetoric, to make all people equal no matter how unequal they were. The idea was to force feed the sciences, math and reading to children at accelerated rates to assure those under-privileged (blacks and other minorities) were IMMEDIATELY MADE EQUAL by dropping academic standards to levels never before so low.

The Race to Mediocrity was underway.

Now Progressive elements in the Congress are making it evident conjectural ideas originally born of two men’s thought processes; and developed in nations noted for their strict class consciousness are superior to man’s God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Obama and Congress, are saying the concepts and the practices of class consciousness once violently enforced through dictatorial edict is better than the full realization of the United States’ Constitutional protection.

It’s Obama’s goal to move America toward a position more in alignment with European nations. Marx and Engels felt Europe wasn’t a great melting pot where people learned to share and grow from a common cauldron of nutritional governmental and individual efforts to excel. They indicated Europe was a confused, androgynous set of societies restricted by oligarchies. They were in need of moral transplants suggesting a more robust participation in government by citizens having NO higher rank than another. Everybody became COMRADES. This false goal was for everybody to appear equal, everybody would appear friendly, and everybody would understand they had an equally low place in society. Few were allowed or expected to excel.

Revolutions occurred with buzz words spit from the frothy lips of the lower classes. They were once violently subjugated by oligarchs using force and poverty as a means to ensure the oligarchy’s superiority. The oligarchy believed they were in charge as a result of God’s will. They felt they could do no wrong.

America threw off those class-conscious shackles during our revolution. Americans replaced it with a society where, though not perfect, any man or woman could exceed their apparent reach and advance beyond the strict circumstances of their birth. People were free to excel without interference from a central government more dictatorial than the one overthrown.

Obama and Congress appear to want us to “enjoy” and emulate the great “successes” of the Soviet farming collectives. There, production dropped because nobody saw any reason to work hard and increase farm production because they’d get no increase in their personal share. Farm production dropped. Famine spread and politics became the way to success as opposed to generating wealth through personal industrial excellence.

The state became the body of the nation and the individuals became nothing. The state printed worthless money and uplifted programs in the name of the state. Everybody was expected to extoll the virtues of the Soviet Socialist system. Personal liberty was displaced and group-think (as Orwell called it) was expected to supersede individual spiritual philosophy and growth. The children were indoctrinated in schools as to the superiority of the state and that there was no need for the individual to excel lest it’s in the name and service of the state. The State became GOD.

The Soviet System died in 1991.

This is what Obama, Democrats and Republicans want for you and your children. Put Obama’s goals alongside Marx and Engels, Lenin and Stalin, Mao and Castro and show me where I’m wrong.

Thanks for listening.

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