A Compelling Statistical And Factual Deconstruction Of The Gun Control Narrative

Look, the Newtown massacre was terrible. Aurora was terrible. The Portland thing and San Antonio thing were very nearly terrible had it not been for the presence of an armed citizen (in San Antonio, an off-duty policewoman) able to put a stop to a psychotic rampage.

These things are shocking, and they’re unacceptable. But in a nation of over 300 million people, they’re also exceedingly rare – one reason why they can be sensationalized in the media and seized upon for exploitation by people with a ready-made agenda.

But sensational cases, no matter how heart-rending, don’t make for decent policy.

Facts make for decent policy. And the gun control debate is compellingly devoid of those – which is something quite easily seen when a foreign propagandist like Piers Morgan seeks to demean those opposed to his crusade to make the United States more like the prostrate former great nation he came from by choosing the unhinged conspiracist Alex Jones as his debate partner on the 2nd Amendment.

This video doesn’t have Alex Jones in it. Instead, it has hard numbers from the FBI, the Census and the British Home Office. And those numbers tell us a story those who would infringe on your 2nd Amendment rights would prefer you not hear.

Namely, that over the last 20 years, as gun ownership has been on the increase, the violent crime rate in the United States has dropped by 50 percent and the murder rate by 54 percent. And those rates are double the national average in metropolitan areas with populations larger than 250,000 (where gun ownership tends to be less frequent than in smaller metropolitan areas and where 2nd Amendment infringements tend to be far more numerous). Part of this drop can be explained by the fact that we’ve been jailing the living hell out of the criminals who commit the vast majority of those crimes for the last 20 years, but not by any means all.

Oh, and in Great Britain, where gun rights are virtually unknown, the violent crime rate is 3.5 times what it is here, though the murder rate is lower.

What was it that Ben Franklin said? Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither, and will ultimately lose both? Franklin could have been talking about gun control, because the numbers this video shows indicate that the gun-grabbers can’t show positive results from their policies.

And the video is correct. The problem isn’t in Newtown; Newtown was a freak, senseless occurrence in a place where the gun laws were already fairly restrictive and it speaks more of a policy failure where the dangerously mentally ill are concerned – and maybe the quality of our parenting while we’re at it. No, the problem is in bad neighborhoods in our cities; those neighborhoods are UNANIMOUSLY run by the same left-wingers who have wreaked social pathology and economic destruction everywhere they’ve had the opportunity to govern and are now attempting to infringe on your freedom to bear arms.

It’s not just the philosophical deformity the gun-grabbers suffer from. It’s the reality of what their policies produce. The stats show that, quite clearly.

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