More Brilliant Satire Of Gun-Grabbers, This Time On Facebook

Is this a dirty trick? Absolutely.

Is it worse than the ghoulish opportunism of the anti-2nd Amendment crowd who descends like vultures to feed on the dead every time there is a high-profile shooting incident like Newtown? Hell, no.

We came across the Coalition For The Removal Of Assault Weapons on Facebook when one of our Facebook friends got taken in by this…

And until we did some looking around – particularly on the Brady Campaign’s website and Facebook page and realized they’re not running any of this stuff (instead they dug up a bunch of Useful Idiot celebrities like Mark Ruffalo and Anthony LaPaglia to cut some PSA spots around the “We are better than this” meme) – we couldn’t tell that it was a false flag operation.

There are a bunch of these graphics on that Facebook page. Some of the other good ones…

Subtle, no? Bloomberg and Obama are surrounded by guys with guns, so they don’t have to carry.

We absolutely love this one…

And then there are the “racist” ones, which are brilliant slams on the gun-grabbers. This one isn’t very subtle…

And this one is deliciously subtle…

The watermelon is a dead giveaway, sure, but so is the jug of grape drink and the KFC bucket you can just barely make out on the left.

To indicate that black people shouldn’t have legal guns. Because illegal guns cause empty dinner tables.

What if Republicans started running black candidates in black districts on a 2nd Amendment platform? The message could go something like this…

“I’m a law-abiding black man (or woman). I live in a bad neighborhood. All the crooks in the neighborhood have guns. I NEED a gun. And who are the people telling me that I have to become a criminal to have one?

White liberals who live in a nice neighborhood uptown. That’s who.

They know that all the crooks have guns and their gun control laws won’t fix that. So rather than work on the crime problem, their solution is what? To tell a law-abiding black man (or woman) like me I’m not allowed to have a gun.

And I’m supposed to say, what, to this? Yassuh, boss? I’m supposed to not think these people are a bunch of racists? I don’t think so. I think all those white Republicans in the suburbs look pretty safe and one reason they’re safe is that they’re armed to the teeth. Maybe a law-abiding black man (or woman) like me who lives in a bad neighborhood ought to be able to avail myself of the same freedoms the white Republicans in the suburbs have.

And if the white Republicans in the suburbs are so much more racist than the white liberals who live uptown, how come the white liberals uptown are the ones trying to keep me from owning a gun and the white Republicans in the suburbs don’t seem to be interested in gun control? It’s almost like the white liberals I’m supposed to vote with don’t like me as much as the white Republicans in the suburbs I’m supposed to vote against do.”

You probably don’t win with that message, but you can surely make some folks uncomfortable. And one imagines that message might pull more votes than running no candidates and offering no message in the black community does, no?

In any event, this Facebook page has sucked in an absolute ton of people and the graphics are going viral – with the reaction to them as seen in the comments being wildly entertaining and precisely what their creators were looking for.

Check it out while you can, because the Brady Campaign will be trying to shut this down soon.

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