Piers Morgan, The Guy Who Knows Whether You Should Have A Gun…

…is such a smart arbiter of character, worth and human nature that he was once selected to be a judge on America’s Got Talent. And held that job for six years until he left it to concentrate on his CNN show.

Which tells you something about Piers’ Morgan’s judgement; America’s Got Talent is doing fine, and Morgan has to bring unhinged clowns like Alex Jones in for on-air shouting matches to get anybody interested in watching him on CNN.

But if you’d like to hear something else about Piers Morgan’s judgement, meet Lindsey Stirling. She plays violin, but she’s not really a classical artist. Here’s Lindsey Stirling in action…

That’s her hit song “Crystallize,” the YouTube of which has been viewed 44 million times. Crystallize is currently the No. 2 track on iTunes’ Electronic list.

No. 10 on that list is “Elements,” the video for which is just below…

That YouTube has been viewed 11 million times.

Another well-trafficked Lindsey Stirling video is “Moon Trance,” which borrows quite a bit from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. It has over 5 million page views…

The video for “Shadows” has been viewed 16 million times…

Clearly, Lindsey Stirling is a star in the making. She’s only 25 years old. Nobody has ever managed to turn the violin into a central instrument for music you can dance to on the club scene until she came along.

But in 2010, when she was 23, Stirling was a quarterfinalist on America’s Got Talent. And this is what took place.

“You’re not untalented, but you’re not good enough to get away with flying through the air and trying to play the violin at the same time.” That was Piers Morgan’s assessment, as the crowd lustily booed his judgement.

The other two judges, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne, had a similar opinion. Nobody holds them out to be particularly intelligent or consequential.

Particularly where it comes to things like public policy. The day Sharon Osbourne has any influence over legislation is the day to pack your stuff and head for New Zealand.

But Sharon Osbourne, whose claim to fame is marrying a drug-addled rock star known for biting the heads off doves and bats, is on Piers Morgan’s level where it comes to critical analysis of reality.

And if you’re attempting to gauge young talent based on its potential, which isn’t all that different as a matter of analysis from gauging the effect of legislation on society (certainly you’re analyzing different things, but the thought process is actually pretty similar; you have to know what you’re looking at, apply the correct principles a criteria from which to analyze it and then know something about the public and how they’ll react to it), somebody who takes Piers Morgan telling her what she’s doing is no good, ignores that advice and goes on to generate over 100 million YouTube hits for her music in less than two years when she’s just getting started looks like somebody Piers Morgan shouldn’t have discarded so quickly.

And yet that self-assured, arrogant failure of a talent-show judge purports to declare the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution invalid and embark on a crusade to shred it?

We’re not confident that Piers Morgan is qualified, on any level, to engage in such advocacy.

Piers Morgan is a buffoon. He was a buffoon judging musical acts, and he’s a buffoon on gun control. And at some point he’ll be trying to generate YouTube hits, too – with a lot less success than Lindsey Stirling, who by that time will probably be filling concert venues in places like Las Vegas.

She’s incidentally on tour now, and she’ll be playing the House of Blues in New Orleans on Feb. 26.



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