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grandfather clause is a situation in which an old rule continues to apply to some existing situations, while a new rule will apply to all future situations. Frequently, the exemption is limited; it may extend for a set period of time, or it may be lost under certain circumstances.

– Wikipedia 2013

The Feinstein Bill of 2013 tries to legislate the control by prohibition of certain semi-automatic rifles because they’re scary looking. One of the main programs being used to act as a bulwark of the legislation (and thus appear to less threatening to people already in possession of such weapons) is the concept of “grandfathering” weapons already owned by law abiding citizens. This also temporarily avoids the fourth amendment issues of illegal search and seizure if the law required seizure of these weapons. Registration for future forcible enforcement purposes is in the law.

Diane Feinstein is a hypocrite, a liar and an alarmist. She authored the recalled 1994 effort proving this kind of restrictive legislation punished only law abiding citizens while failing to address the possession of these weapons by criminals. Now she’s at it again. She lies about statistics and as Beaurat Obama’s associate is required to use only statistics approved by Obama’s administration.

I’m a 30+ year Life Member of the NRA. I receive a magazine called the American Rifleman. In this publication, each month, examples of citizens using firearms to protect themselves from criminal and other assaults, are highlighted in a column called “The Armed Citizen.” There is an average of six instances of citizens protecting themselves. These are facts, published in local newspapers and other news sources and are attested to in many cases by law enforcement officials.

Each month six stories are told. Each year 72 life-saving instances of controlled firearms ownership are reported. Over thirty years there have been a minimum of 25,920 reported/recorded instances of citizens using firearms to protect and defend themselves and others during attacks of one sort or another whether animal or criminal in nature. Feinstein and her anti-Second Amendment cronies never publicize these “inconvenient truths.”

They harp on the question: “why do you need a 30 round magazine to hunt?” Their answer: you don’t because these weapons can’t be used for hunting. This is not only wrong it’s stupid.

There are specific regulations and game laws requiring the caliber weapon to be acceptable to assure a quick and humane kill. A standard .22 caliber (22/100th of an inch diameter) weapon is not acceptable because its mass and velocity [40 grains at 1070 feet per second (fps)] is normally not acceptable to kill an animal such as a deer in a humane manner. The actual muzzle energy of the .22 caliber “plinker” is 102 ft/lbs (foot pounds /energy)

Because a standard battle round chambered in an AR-15 (the most maligned of these weapons, shoots a .223 caliber (5.56x45mm.) it technically falls into the same classification but for two things; bullet weight (50+ grains) and velocity (2900 fps) it travels. Fired into a man-size target such as a deer it has a killing power similar to that of battle experience. Muzzle energy is the determining factor as to whether or not a bullet kills its target efficiently or not. The velocity of the bullet is nearly three times that of the .22 “plinker” cartridge. The actual muzzle energy of the .223 caliber (5.56x45mm is 1679 ft/lbs (foot pounds /energy); over 10X the energy transmission into the target in comparison to the “plinker”. But both will kill dependent on shot placement.

It can kill deer and varmints (vermin) at moderate ranges.

The interesting part of the Feinstein Lie is she’s crusading against a firearms magazine. Like the magazine allows for greater killing efficiency even though it alone has no functional firing system. It’s a spring-loaded box holding multiple rounds. And as such does nothing but wait to be used by a human for good or evil. The worst and most wrong-headed thinking is realized when you understand the “grandfather clause” allows for already existent 30+ round magazines (thousands of them) to remain in the hands of citizens, criminal or not. That means, after this generation of restrictions are realized, there will still be thousands of magazines of this sort.

You’ll be restricted to fight a drug dealer’s enforcers and/or human traffickers with a 10 round magazine requiring you stop-reload-engage three times more often than your criminal assailant. This happens regularly on the Mexican border. Or you may be required to defend yourself with a pistol holding no more than 7-10 rounds where your assailant may still have his 17 round magazines for his Glock ® pistol.

It looks like “Grandfather” is being used to assure you newer gun owners have no chance to engage in a gunfight forced on you with the assurance you’ll be evenly matched against your assailant.

Feinstein’s a tunnel-visioned, elitist maternal millionaire wanting to be remembered as a crusader for the people.

If she knew what she’s talking about it might be so, but she’s entirely wrong in the way she wants to go about showing her power. It’ll get people killed.

Thanks for listening.



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