SARGE: This Is American Government Today

It’s January 1, 2013 and the Senate’s averted a “major” crisis by attending to the “Fiscal Cliff” in a selfless manner. The Senate returned to Washington to vote in a late-night session. I’d cry appreciatively if I were stupid enough to believe this is anything but a bunch of hokum designed to keep the nitwits in power in that position.

It was said this garbage would be resolved by January 1st. It’s a manufactured climax after the sex act surreptiously performed on a sleeping electorate. The electorate’s not been sleeping; it’s been slugging down Rohypnol the last thirty years. When Congress sees the comatose partner is sufficiently insentient, they start getting their jollies at the expense of the one rendered insensible.

The American populace has been impregnated by and with a bloated government now feeding off of its most important systemic element: the people’s gullibility. In fact it’s more akin to the government devouring its own liver. Before this I’ve always said the citizens are the “heart” of the nation. They’re the life-blood of the system. But there’s another way to look at it all.

The Liver produces bile to help carry away waste and break down fats in the small intestine. It produces proteins for blood plasma. Cholesterol produced in the liver carries away more fats through the body. Energy production is accomplished by converting glucose to glycogen. Amino acids pull together protein’s building blocks. The body’s Iron content is stored and doled out from here. The liver additionally converts the deadly poisonous ammonia developed from protein metabolism into urea to excrete it in the urine. Drugs and other poisonous substances are cleansed here as well as the system allowing for blood to clot in a regulated and proper manner. And finally the Liver resists infections by removing bacteria from the bloodstream.

While we romantically assume we’re directed by the strength of our metaphorical blood pumping of our ideals through the halls of American government, we should really be acting as a filter (like the liver) to assure the government survives and is vitally involved in the continuation of the body’s well-being. Without the people acting as that filter, the other systems grow sick and fail.

Where we don’t participate in the national discussion of policy and involvement with foreign nationals, we see Obama consulting the United Nations on internal American policies instead of the American citizen. In place of American citizens influencing the direction of national policy and procedure, we have representatives, senators and presidents being bought, bartered and sold for their personal benefit over the safety and progress of the people. When the system allows ingress to the interior of the organ (liver) but there’s no egress, the organ sickens from bloat and an inability to properly filter. The organ can’t function on its own. It must be a part of a coordinated system dedicated to the health of the overall organism.

We’re the filtration system allowed to go wrong and become plugged up with NO outlet for the garbage and trash we’re supposed to filter. It’s produced by outside elements not really caring about how we react to whatever they introduce into the system.

As examples: feed on nothing but sugars, the pancreas breaks down and Diabetes results. Ingest too many fatty foods and LDL cholesterol mounts leading to blockages in the veins and arteries: heart attacks result. Introduce toxins like steroids and excessive alcohol and the liver must work overly hard filtering out the substances taken. The liver begins to deteriorate in its composition, integrity and function; you might need a transplant.

Now we’re confronted with a Congressional organ failing to maintain the integrity of the system. It believes it can self-direct its ingestion, its extrusion and its usage of resources it must have delivered properly and not merely by grabbing whatever’s closest and fastest to engorge upon. It believes itself beyond the control of the other organs.

In finality, think of a little kid and endless sweets to be had. The kid will engorge himself until he’s sick and either vomits, becomes diarrhea ridden or his infantile systems collapse entirely.

This is American government today.

Thanks for listening.

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