UPDATED: Holden Sticks To His Guns, Fires Police Chief

After a hearing of more than an hour in which fired Baton Rouge Police Chief Dewayne White let Mayor-President Kip Holden have what-for over the stated justifications for his ouster, Holden angrily defended the decision to send White packing.

But parties called each other liars. A lawsuit is inevitable. White’s attorney Jill Craft will be taking the case to the Civil Service Board next.

We’ll have more, including video, as it surfaces.

UPDATE: Here was Holden, giving off something of a scalded-dog vibe after the hearing was over while saying he’s moving ahead with White’s firing.

“God does not play favoritism in regards to people. Neither does God try to divide people because of his accusations that simply were based upon race.”


Here. Watch the video….

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We’re still waiting on archived video of White’s portion of the day’s proceedings.

UPDATE #2: Holden had put out a letter to White detailing 14 reasons why he sought the latter’s ouster. Many of them come off as rather laughable, including…

3. You gave your wife’s godson a dual purpose canine for his new assignment in a specialized division. Pursuant to departmental policy and Canine S.O.P, this responsibility is typically reserved for those who have proven themselves for a period of no less than three years within the BRPD. When your Wife’s godson did not receive a favorable response from supervisors in the Canine Division, you attempted to place another supervisor over the Division under the false pretense of racial problems within the Division.

5. When questioned about Louis Farrakhan’s visit to Baton Rouge, you were neither forthcoming nor truthful. Ultimately, your statements regarding the lack of overtime required for the detail were proved false and intentional misrepresentations of the truth. Due to this, you were asked not to make any further statements to the press. Instead, you disregarded those instructions and did so anyway.

6. You have, on more than one occasion, leaked confidential information regarding matters of a sensitive nature to the department and this office. An example of this was your premature statement regarding the potential acquisition of the former Woman’s Hospital campus for local law enforcement agencies. This information was extremely confidential as negotiations for the acquisition were ongoing. Your intentional “leak” of this information to the press jeopardized the negotiations to the prejudice of the City-Parish.

7. Following a civil service hearing held involving a BRPD officer, you were discovered Crouching below a partition in the internal affairs office in an apparent attempt to overhear conversations. Aside from the propriety of such an action, it hardly instills trust and confidence in the Office of the Chief.

8. Without prior discussion with me or my administration, you ordered and/or authorized the removal of crime cameras from high-crime areas in Baton Rouge. You were clearly aware of the importance of the crime camera program and its use in high crime venues. Nevertheless, unexplainably and without any notice to this office, you ordered or at least tacitly authorized and allowed their removal. These cameras were not only effective but were instrumental in the City’s fight against illicit drug deals and crime in those areas.

11. During an ongoing tactical negotiation with an emotionally disturbed person, you violated SRT policy and procedures by placing yourself in the position of an entry team member without having the benefit of training or equipment needed for such an incident. During the time of entry, it was unknown if the subject was armed or had a Weapon in his immediate reach. Your actions in this regard undermined the command structure, diverted the focus of entry team members, and increased the possibility of an unfavorable outcome.

13. You have made inflammatory public statements to the press wherein you inappropriately accused a large segment of the BRPD of racial bias in an apparent effort to curry favor with the press and certain public figures. You have wholly failed to substantiate these allegations.

UPDATE #3: And now the video of the hearing, which goes about an hour and 15 minutes. White goes after all 14 of Holden’s points, and he’s not bashful…

WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports



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