VIDEO: Rand Paul’s State Of The Union Response

We’re not going to do a long dissection of the State of the Union speech tonight. There was scant little in that marathon hour and a half assault on constitutional liberties and fiscal discipline worth giving another thought to, and none of it will see the light of legislative day.

And we’re not going to do much on Marco Rubio’s GOP response. It was an excellent speech, not well delivered. Rubio should have one less staffer tomorrow than he had today – whoever let him go on camera without downing a glass of water beforehand, then compounding that mistake by putting a table with a bottle, instead of a glass, two yards away  from where he was speaking when he needed emergency hydration after faltering for the whole middle part of that address, needs to go. Those amateurish mistakes ruined what would otherwise have been a sterling rebuke to the president’s thinly-veiled fascist demagoguery. A major opportunity lost, and now snarky lefty journalists are having a good time at Rubio’s expense as a result. (Update: at least Rubio made a joke of it on Twitter.)

What this post is, however, is an opportunity to show you Rand Paul’s rebuttal – since it didn’t get full network coverage. Paul’s speech wasn’t as philosophically attractive as Rubio’s, but it was delivered in a lot more relaxed, conversational style.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is…



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