SARGE: Canada = Palestine?

Dear Beaurat,

In light of your latest attempt to charm the Nobel Committee to give you a new medal for actually doing something, I must point out how misguided and stupid idea that the minor squabbles between us and Canada even remotely approach the problems Israel has to deal with. To wit: Canada has NEVER launched missiles at Detroit with the intent to kill school children. Canada has not once to my knowledge shelled New York in an effort to spread terror and death in order to draw attention to their dissatisfaction with the way and manner we address issues pertaining to the Great Lakes. Never once has Seattle come under attack by repetitive suicide bombers trying to take out as many innocent civilians as can be blown to pieces so as to acquire a place in a heaven overseen by a madman claiming to be the greatest prophet of God.

So; okay Beaurat, as far as your statement: “…because if we get an agreement then it will be very clear what the nature of that agreement is. There will be a sovereign Palestinian state, a sovereign Jewish State of Israel.” I can find NO person on the planet including Dennis Rodman believes the “Palestinians” want a separate, sovereign state. They want the developed and agriculturally secure landmass that is NOW Israel. The Palestinians left the area in 1948 when they were told to by their religious and political leaders. Palestine was less attractive than a pro-wrestler’s armpit and about as pleasant to inhabit back then.

Now, Israel is a modern agricultural showcase. It defines how an industrious, determined and hard-working people can turn a desert into a paradise. The Palestinians want the paradise that’s productive, vital and vibrant. They want the landmass where the State of Israel is. They want Israel destroyed and Palestine to be recognized as the “mini-Mecca” of their dreams. They want it for nothing because they put no effort into its development. They abandoned it and now claim it’s unfair they can’t control it.

It also has to be remembered Mohammed approached both the Hebrew and Christian communities with his beliefs and doctrines he adapted from the original Hebrew and Christian texts. Israel rebuffed him and that’s when the sectarian hatred started. The goal of the Arab communities in the area is the complete eradication of the Jewish State and the genocide of its people. This isn’t so much a social issue as it is a political issue masquerading as religion. The religious tracts define the dialogue and the course of political interaction.

It only takes a moment to understand the Imam of Iran, in his position as a holy leader, wants to destroy Israel. He says it regularly. Beaurat; do you think this guy is kidding when he says he’ll unleash hell on earth where the Israelis live? Do you doubt his plan to burn Haifa to the ground and kill anybody left after the attack? This isn’t a matter of Palestinians wanting a “homeland”. Iran and all others of the Islamic faith want the land as a sanctified and identifiable “holy land” in existence and observant of their doctrine. They never vary in their statements of seeking an Islam controlled planet.

It takes no genius to understand the Muslim community is dedicated to the sectarian goals of their religio-social construct. The goal of Islam is to convert ALL infidels (that means anybody doesn’t convert to Islam) or tax them into subservient Dhimmitude (bondage). If that doesn’t work the plan is to kill ALL infidels.

Beaurat? Please show me where we ever once had a conflict with Canada approached the venomous and vehement hatred espoused by Muslims seeking the annihilation of Israel and after them, any and all people still NOT acceptant of their rule.

Can’t do it can you? Grow up and shut up. You’re making a fool of yourself, again. This issue isn’t as simplistic as you’d make it appear, and your charm is wearing thin. These people don’t want to “make nice” and play together in the sandbox. They want to rule the damned sandbox and will kill anybody gets in their way.

Thanks for listening.

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