SARGE: Higher Power

Occasionally, the keyboard and I stare at each other until something breaks out of my subconscious or it breaks and I drop into understanding.

I was reading an article about Steve Harvey, comedian extraordinaire and rising media commander. This article was under the copyright of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

Steve Harvey was interviewed concerning his success. He explained his early life in poverty and his upbringing at the hands of a Sunday school teaching mother and a father who was devoted to that woman. It’s touching to note this was an intact family. It was a family based first on love of God and then the commandment that they should love and respect each other. Prayer, for him, surely works.

Government works overtime to undermine the traditional family ethic. The family consisting of a father and a mother living and working together to guide America’s future by delivering God-fearing, intelligent, articulate and involved citizens in their children: is dying.

America has accepted a premise of false stability. It says “you can make it on your own.” “You alone are the master and commander of your fate” and therefore are the only one you need listen to. “All things come to he who waits.” America, under the guidance of a political system assures us we can all make it if we pay fealty to our new lord and master; the State.

I say BULL! The state is NOT our lord and master. And the latest inhabitant of the White House, no matter how hard he tries, will make me believe he is! You can’t displace God with vapid promises of Socialized Medicine, increased Welfare Checks and Unemployment Benefits!

The state is trying to displace us from our time-proven solutions to when we feel stressed and alone: Prayer and Meditation. The state wants to give you a pill to make you happy. It wants to provide housing so you’ll rely on the state for shelter. The state tells you misbehavior is acceptable as long as nobody is seriously, physically hurt. The state will pay for kids with fathers not attendant. Give praise to the state granting you the Soylent Green for your nourishment.

You can’t gain self-respect and the admiration of your fellows by living in bondage. You have to lift yourself with your personal faith and effort. You must rise through your self-established faith God is behind your efforts. You must open your eyes and see God’s light before you can understand how to brighten your world.

It takes strength developed from exercising your mind, your muscles and your spirit while working. It won’t be handed to you unless men surrender their conscience, their integrity and their testes to prove “all good things come to those who wait.” That’s the State’s answer.

Ours is: Get up off of your knees while begging for a hand-out. Stop dealing death in the streets and stand like a man.

Young women, stop acting like fulfillment only appears in the night delivered from pretty faces and a need to feel love at anybody’s hands. They’ll leave you embraced in a binding of self-engendered, self-enforced slavery because unwed motherhood isn’t the proof of womanhood you thought it was. Momentary pleasure is displaced by lifetime parental servitude without partnership.

I hear people saying; “I’m under so much stress! It’s killing me!” “I’m depressed and don’t know what to do!” “When will it be MY time to be happy?” It’s immature, self-serving and selfish. None of it delivers answers to any of the problems noted.

The Power of Prayer, working hard, beating and stressing those walls until they break is the real power to be developed. While you may be tired you must understand it’s you stressing the established walls with YOUR beating on them. It’s your effort. Those stresses are applied with the hammers of integrity, devotion to principles, and a recognition faith sustains us when those walls seem the thickest.

Our progress as a nation has been stunted as demigods and manipulators use our own worst impulses against us to control us. Reject them from your heart. Deny them your soul.

Denounce them before your Higher Power.

Thanks for listening

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