SARGE: LSU Needs To Keep Looking

It’s my privilege to associate with people having extensive educations and even more common sense concerning their place and position in the real world. They’re chemists, engineers, accountants and business people recognizing the need for practical applications of their educations. They’re all vitally active as well as activists. They live in today, plan for tomorrow and work steadily to improve the world their children will inherit.

Louisiana State University (LSU) is an institution with a problem: it can’t attract, house and maintain a system president for very long. The likes of Emmert and Lombardi come to mind in recent history. One decided the pastures were greener elsewhere. The latter was fired because his lock-step was out-of-step with the LSU hierarchy. He just couldn’t garner loyalty from his colleagues to anchor him in his position.

Now LSU wants to hire an academic with a strong attachment to Progressive politics. He’s extolled the Democratic Party line of higher taxes on the wealthy (including businesses and commercial entities) and with this shown he has a tenuous grasp of how economics works.

I despise the self-important proclaiming their grasps of theoretical knowledge using self-serving statistical data, extrapolated to a specific degree to prove their theories are fact. They harness theoretical bloviation, and then trumpet it as fact in support of their position on any subject.

King Alexander (a rather chilling name for a man expected to rule over thousands of students looking to impact America’s economic future) is a man of extreme education. He has multiple degrees. He acquired his Ph.D. in higher-education administration from the University of Wisconsin. This alone makes him suspect for me. His position is obviously theoretical and recognizably more politically based than practical. The Chronicle of Higher Education noted: “the choice of Mr. Alexander would appear to diminish concerns about the politicization of the new LSU position, given his background as a college administrator, researcher, and faculty member who is a scholar of academic leadership.”

Sorry, “Chronicle” folks. Louisianans are highly suspect of academicians with NO practicality evident in their curricula vitae.

I detect NO indication the man has stepped outside of his tightly bound field and proven himself outside of academia. This doesn’t bode well for Mr. Alexander. Even though he’s a product of and a long-time resident of California, and he did rise to the top of his industry as the president of the California State University at Long Beach; any hope he has to “diminish concerns about the politicization of the new LSU position” are a bit premature.

When it comes to politics concerning LSU and its ability to place sports before academics, alumni contributions over student applications and construction demands concerning Tiger Stadium superseding education in general: “Good King Alexander ain’t seen nuthin’” when it comes to politics.

Alexander is adept at spouting his position concerning the people’s taxation to assure the elite’s command over the vassals he demands excise of; he fails to see in Louisiana the well-to-do are really the ones create businesses and thus, jobs. Alexander’s statement: “The real job creators are in our kindergartens, middle schools, high schools and all of you in this room. You are the real job creators”; while cute doesn’t tell the truth. Kindergarteners, middle school students and high school students are the recipients of services. They are consumers until such time as they may become producers.

To expect children to go forth after extensive, socially didactic education in controlled environments ends and without positive examples provided by successful entrepreneurs and economic producers is clearly a delusion borne of a collectivist/socialist viewpoint. This opinion proclaims drones are more important than the queen in the hive when in reality it’s the fecundity of the queen produces the successful progeny and continued achievement of the hive.

Dr. Alexander ignores the basic fact that capitalist, private investment provides the mechanism creating jobs and the economic activity that is taxes to support government programs and entities, such as LSU.  The business/commercial interests are the ONLY job creators. Demanding increased taxes restricting business growth is counterproductive.

LSU should keep looking. Any California system product knows but one thing: how to bankrupt the system with an overbearing sense of entitlement to other’s profits.

Thanks for listening.

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