VIDEO: Why We Love Ted Cruz

How would you like to see Cruz take Dianne Feinstein to school on the U.S. Constitution?

Be prepared, because this gets ugly – fast. Cruz opens with a pretty devastating indictment of Feinstein’s idiotic gun-grabbing bill, then asks why the 2nd Amendment isn’t treated in the same way the 1st Amendment or 4th Amendment are. And that gets Feinstein onto a rant about how she’s qualified to talk about which guns the people can have because she saw something nasty in the woodshed – and she’s defended by Pat Leahy, who has to get in a snide remark about how Texas supposedly decides what books people can read (as textbooks in public schools), and then demands the debate go back to guns, before Dick “American troops are just like Nazis” Durbin comes on the scene to explain that no rights are absolute.

We need an army of Ted Cruzes in the Senate. We only have about a half-dozen or so now.

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