Donna Brazile Opens Her Fat Mouth About Margaret Thatcher

You’ll never catch a man with an attitude like this, Donna…

Margaret Thatcher is acknowledged, even by her political opponents, as Britain’s great prime minister since Churchill (if not further back than that). Margaret Thatcher saved the Falklands from Argentine aggression. Margaret Thatcher played a prominent role in defeating the Soviet Union and liberating hundreds of millions from the yoke of Soviet communism. And Margaret Thatcher saved Great Britain from a Greek-style socialist fate while reviving that country as an economic center.

Margaret Thatcher also proved that a woman could exhibit the strength and decisiveness to lead and run a country.

In the face of this evidence Donna Brazile seems to think she didn’t actually accomplish anything.

We responded to this attitude the best way we could…

BY THE WAY: Does anybody else notice the vitriol with which Donna Brazile conducts her personal War On Women?

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