Finally, The Obama Budget Comes Out Today…

…and after two months’ delay, which has been a violation of federal law, the Obama budget includes $3.77 trillion in spending, a $744 billion deficit and $580 billion in new taxes.

The president and his staff celebrated this assault on the American people with a hell of a party last night. After all, why not? The economy is rolling, right? It created all of 88,000 jobs in March – which was only a fraction of the 650,000 or so people who dropped out of the workforce, but don’t bother Mr. Obama about that – he’s busy with the Soulquester…

While Obama’s staff was wasting two months illegally not submitting a budget, they’ve been hard at work attacking the 2nd Amendment rights of honest Americans, throwing the border open to illegal aliens and pumping gay marriage as a wedge issue.

This is governance, Obama style. You’ll have it for four more years.

UPDATE: It might even be worse than we thought. The House Budget Committee put out these numbers…

*Raises taxes by $1.1 trillion, on top of the Obamacare taxes and taxes from the fiscal cliff.

*Skyrockets the total U.S. debt in 2023 to $25.4 trillion.

*Increases total government spending over ten years to $46.5 trillion.

*Never, ever, ever comes into balance. Ever. Did you get that? 85% of Americans support a balanced budget, and both Senate Democrats and the White House admit their budget proposals never come into balance.

*Takes more from hardworking American taxpayers to spend more in Washington. It grows the government without growing the economy.

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