Mary Offers Perfectly Reasonable, And Disqualifying, Gay Marriage Position

As the politicians in the Senate line up to smooch microphones and earn positive notices from the mainstream media on gay marriage, as though many of them actually care about that issue, Louisiana’s senior senator had to offer up her own take on the subject.

What resulted was a Mary Landrieu-style Profile In Courage…

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On one level, you can respect a politician who declines to impose her will on the public policy choices of the people she represents. Landrieu knows the majority of the people in Louisiana are not for gay marriage, so she realizes she would be out of line to go against that majority.

Senators are supposed to represent the people they serve.

But doesn’t Landrieu’s qualification of her political position disqualify her from office?

After all, while it’s a good thing that Landrieu doesn’t represent the conservative electorate in Louisiana by making left-wing votes in their name, that representation is actually supposed to be sincere, is it not?

That she had to throw in the statement that personally she’s for gay marriage would be an admission she’s insincere.

Which is a pretty fair summing up of Landrieu’s career in the Senate, right? She spends her time obfuscating her “personal” stances, or horse-trading them as Senate votes in return for swag from DC.

The Louisiana Purchase with Obamacare, which even Landrieu now admits is an unfolding Charlie Foxtrot, was a good example of that. Landrieu was “personally” all about it. But she knew that Obamacare was a political black hole back home in Louisiana, so she had to couch her “opposition” to it in careful terms – namely, swindling the federal government out of a few hundred million dollars for Louisiana in trade for her vote.

And Landrieu expects to be given credit for that, as though her selling her vote in such ways makes her effective. She agreed to blow up the federal deficit and vote for an unworkable federal intrusion into the medical field that would cost millions of jobs and ultimately ruin her state’s public fisc – but because she got a couple hundred million out of the Louisiana Purchase it’s good legislating on her part.

But her “opposition” to Obamacare, which didn’t exist at all in reality, was never sincere. Otherwise she wouldn’t have traded it.

Now, Landrieu tells us she’s “opposed” to gay marriage. Except she isn’t, because personally she says gay marriage is just swell. And that means Landrieu’s vote in favor of gay marriage is just a horse-trade away.

Which is what you get with Landrieu. She thinks taking insincere political positions along the lines of the majority of her constituents is the same thing as holding sincere convictions most of us share.

Next year, the people of Louisiana have a chance to decide how much longer they’re going to allow her to pretend to represent us.

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