Have You Seen Melissa Harris-Perry’s ‘Gimme Your Kids’ Video?

This is what $45,240 a year will get you at Tulane.

In Tulane’s defense, Melissa Harris-Perry isn’t making her “all your kids belong to us” speech on the university’s behalf. She’s making it on behalf of that moonbat v-log channel she shills for at her weekend gig.

But it really doesn’t matter.

The idea that Melissa Harris-Perry should lay claim to your kids on behalf of “the community” and therefore be qualified to inject them with whatever narrative on behalf of “the community” she sees fit, and call that “public education” which necessitates “an investment,” ought to be terrifying.

And somehow that it’s an antiquated idea that children and the rearing of them is a “private” matter is even worse.

By extension, what Melissa Harris-Perry is saying is that human beings aren’t private entities. That human beings belong to the community.

There’s a word for this.

That word is slavery. Because if you’re a child and you “belong” to the community rather than your family, you’re a slave. The community doesn’t have the love for you and the desire to further your well-being that your family does. All the community cares is that you generate tax dollars for it and that you do what the community’s leaders tell you to do.

Melissa Harris-Perry is about slavery. She just wants to make sure she’s one of the slavemasters.

And lest you believe this is some racial thing, it’s not. The entirety of the Left in America shares her worldview. And they’re happy to have slaves of every race, color and creed on their plantation. So long as they can get 50 percent of the country plus one, it’s all good.

Does Tulane have any weekend Fox News hosts on the payroll offering up material friendly to the Tea Party? No? Then one can imagine Tulane endorses this worldview.

That means Tulane is pro-slavery, doesn’t it?

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