SARGE: Obama’s Problem

The Egois an individual’s self-awareness or consciousness. This conscious acceptance is mainly based on the individual’s environment from birth onward and is responsible for modifying primarily disorganized anti-social instincts or behavioral dispositions, impulses and compulsions. The Ego is organized and deals with the life analysis of the individual in an organized, realistic manner. This is accomplished in coordination with the Super-Ego which controls the Id(the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends) based in the subconscious. The healthy Super-Ego stops you from doing certain things your Id may want you to do. 

Concerning Beaurat Obama’s self-perceived perfection as a Community Organizer, Orator, Raconteur, Bon Vivant and self-proclaimed Supreme Reverend Al Green Tribute Performer (described as such so as to NOT confuse the reader with his being a presidential impersonator) the jury is still out. The big problem is in recognizing he has generally over-estimated his ability, over-stated his performance and in general, improperly assessed nearly all of the necessary requirements to succeed in politics on the level he’s at.

Now he’s sweet-talking the Republicans in Congress with special dining and “schmoozing” like a match-maker trying to sell an unwitting couple on the desired marital bliss that’s questionable at best and socially devastating in its future reality. The problem arises when it’s recognized the Republicans have so little integrity and are so readily available to have their collective egos stroked they’ll cave to the president based on a thick steak, a bottle of taxpayer funded Merlot and a pat on the rump. It’s a unique program of “feed and breed”. The Republican hierarchy gets fed lavishly and lasciviously while the American public gets screwed. This isn’t sour grapes; it’s witnessing government in action.

Obama started his life as a child whose father, a narcissistic Marxist foreign exchange student on the hunt to impregnate American co-eds, did so, and then abandoned his new wife and child to return to Africa. It’s devastating to understand you weren’t good enough for the father figure to hang around and be your “big-buddy”. So; mommy and your grand-parents bolster your trampled self-esteem by praising you, your quick intellect, soaring refinement and growing urbanity until you really get to believing it. This is called “believing your own press releases”; something Obama’s incredibly guilty of in life.

Conflict arises when trying to use other people’s theories to advance your personal agenda. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals are meant to be followed to the letter. No deviations. No eccentricities, abnormalities or deviations from the format. A salesman once told me: “The system works so I have to work the system to make the system work”.

Alinsky said: “Ego, as we understand it here, cannot be even vaguely confused with, nor is it remotely related to egotism [selfishness, self-centeredness, self-absorption. Emphasis is mine]. No would-be organizer afflicted with egotism can avoid hiding this from the people with whom he is working; no contrived humility can conceal it. Nothing antagonizes people and alienates them from a would-be organizer more than the revealing flashes of arrogance, vanity, impatience, and contempt of a personal egotism.”

Egotism is what a person experiences based on deep-seated feelings of personal inadequacy. Ego is the conviction and belief in one’s ability, with no need for individual egotism and in direct controversy to a person’s actions.

Obama is nothing if not a supreme and severe egotist. He reeks of hubris; excessive pride and ambition usually leading to the downfall (or failure to accomplish) self-perceived heroic/superhuman goals.

America recognizes Obama isn’t the only nitwit experiencing these frailties or accentuated absence of character. Congress is rife with worthless people holding themselves in higher esteem than deserved. The position defines the man. The position is an elevated societal illusion. The man is nothing more than a stylized interpretation of what the position should be. Nothing and none of these people really carry any substance in truth or existence. They’re ALL empty suits seeking affirmation as statesmen.

You have egotists stroking egotists’ egos and selling America short in the process. This is where Obama’s troubles began since Congress tilted away from his partisan control.

How can an egotist respect his people if he doesn’t respect himself?

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