SARGE: To Have And Have Not

Dear stupid legislators,

This is an open letter so we may come to understand some fundamental facts.

Number One: illegal immigrants exist no matter what the flippin’ Associated Press says. Illegal aliens have violated our laws while illegally entering our country. They are illegally employed while keeping American citizens from jobs available on the open employment market. The argument given that illegal immigrants are a “necessity” because they will take jobs Americans won’t do. It’s false and outright stupid. People wouldn’t refuse jobs if they didn’t have endless unemployment systems providing the benefit of federal funds for sitting on their dead, over-stuffed, fat acetabula and doing nothing.

Number two: Our entire problem came into being when socialist cry-babies (Democrats) spouted progressive, Marxist theories so the “haves” could become responsible for the well-being of the “have-nots”. It doesn’t matter the “have-nots” became the “won’t does” in our economy. The liars and con-artists employed as legislators have ridden to positions of supreme control over the people.

Number three: The liars and con-artists write their own checks and benefits from the public coffers. The “have-nots” see this and ask “why not me too?” In order for the liars and con-artists to stay in positions of power and control they say to the “have-nots”; “Okay. You too may have what we have because it wouldn’t be right for you to not have some, when we have all we have.” The problem arises when deciding who’ll pay for the “have-nots” to have as much as the “haves” do. (Hunh?)

Number four is where we find the people described as “having some but wanting more” or as we normally call them: THE MIDDLE CLASS. The middle-class works for what little they have. But, this is not as much as the “haves” possess mainly because those “having some but wanting more” don’t have enough political organization and stroke to take control of the systems keeping them from having more than those who already “have”.  (Are you still with me?)

This leads to where the “haves” use their powers of persuasion, compromise and a certain “je ne sais quoi” allowing them to pull the wool over the eyes of those “having some but wanting more” as they come to believe the “haves” maintain the best interests of those “having some but wanting more” when really the “haves” simply want to stay in power and feel good about themselves as they give what they’ve taken from those “having some but wanting more” but always wind up having less than those “having not”. (You can take a breath now. Thank-you.)

If this sounds like a matter of a ludicrous circumstance set down in pixels and prose then it must be admitted you’re correct. It is ludicrous. But it’s also a succinct and compact analysis of what goes on regularly and continually in American government. Congress is the “haves”. The poor, disenfranchised welfare aficionados and devotees of the art of getting something for nothing are the “have-nots”. These people are those who make NO attempt to better their situation and ride the gravy train from station to station. They visit the cattle car to suck hind teat on the available heifer supplied by the “haves” after commandeering it from the middle-class who bought the cow with money they worked for and earned so they could “have some but are left wanting more” after they pay their taxes. (Take another breath.)

This system’s been effective since charity’s definition changed from a moral imperative to a quasi-constitutional right declared by people incapable of understanding morals, the Constitution of the United States of America or the Bill of Rights.

It’s been said he who controls language controls thought. He who controls thought controls reason. He who controls reason controls understanding. He who controls understanding can keep everybody confused by redefining all of the others. This is done through legislation rather than moral imperative. Moral imperative requires justice and compassion. Legislation only requires an agenda be present in the mind of the legislator.

This is why we have the mess we live in today. The fools in Congress have agendas but no real morals.

Thanks for listening.

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