The Gun-Grabbing Ghouls Are At It Again

Check out what they’ve done on Facebook… defines the word “Ghoul” as…

ghoul  (ɡuːl) — n
1. a malevolent spirit or ghost
2. a person interested in morbid or disgusting things
3. a person who robs graves
4. (in Muslim legend) an evil demon thought to eat human bodies, either stolen corpses or children

The crowd behind this graphic fits all four definitions in some form or fashion, given that gun-grabbers need blood and gore and dead bodies to make their stupid, emotionalist arguments look reasonable.

And the malevolence behind a graphic that would paint people who believe in our 2nd Amendment rights as profiteers off dead kids is so palpable you can spread it on toast.

Of course, if you’re offended at this disgusting display and you say so, you’re for dead kids.

Strangely, most of your gun-grabbers who want to show you pictures of the Sandy Hook kids in an effort to mau-mau you into giving up your 2nd Amendment rights don’t seem to have too much outrage left over for, say, Kermit Gosnell’s victims. Can’t quite figure out that one, right? Particularly since Gosnell appears to have murdered several times the number of kids Adam Lanza did.

Silence on that. But they’ll happily tar and feather the NRA, right?

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