TUCKER: The Talented Hypocrisy Of The Left

Editor’s Note: Is this spot on, or what?

The folks on the left are talented hypocrites.

For decades they tell us that we over emphasize money and material goods then they campaign on wealth envy and “it’s the economy stupid’.

For decades they pick away at the nuclear family, mocking family values, mocking marriage, mocking the two parent family and now they have achieved a nation with shack ups, baby daddy’s and welfare dependent single moms and they blame the conservatives for not being sympathetic and claim to be able to help restore the family by more of the same policies.

For decades they campaigned against middle class values as square, racist, sexists, materialistic and now they claim to be the voice of the middle class.

For decades they have piloted most of the fringe lunatic environmental groups and advocated the supremacy of ‘mother nature’ and yet the very advocates ignore the basic laws of nature including natural selection, and supply and demand. They convince themselves that just by the force of governmental decree and mass hysteria they can alter the laws of physics and create abundance.

They give lip service to wanting to protect the ‘rights’ of certain factions which have been denied no rights by the force of government and then infringe on the actual natural rights by the very use of that force.

They claim to be for peace, love and acceptance and advocate killing unborn children, denying opponents the right to speak at public AND private venues, and attacking folks who peacefully assemble.

They shout that they favor the right to free speech while they try to suppress people from hosting radio shows paid for by private sponsors AND shout that it is morally wrong to refuse to allow public funds to be spent paying for their soapboxes.

They defend the right of insurgents worldwide to rise up against their governments and even send them military aid at taxpayer expense despite those factions avowed hate of America. However they insist on removing the weapons by which Americans might exercise the same rights.

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