We Might As Well Show The OPP Guns N’ Drugs Video…

…since that’s all everybody seems to care about today.

Here’s the full video, complete with various different kinds of drug use, a bit of gambling, somebody brandishing a gun…and there’s beer-drinking going on as well. And a warning – if you’re at work you might want to mute it so the four-letter words don’t wipe you out…

What’s probably most shocking about this is the horrendous quality of the language. And we’re not talking about the cursing, which is endemic – we’re talking about how completely unintelligible the English being spoken is. Other than “y’knowhatahmsayin’?” and “Ya’urd?” and the MF’s, it’s not easy to make out anything at all.

Take these people out of jail and try to employ them – how do you hire somebody you can’t understand?

Of course, the talk is about the corruption and incompetence of Marlin Gusman, who’s the sheriff in Orleans Parish in charge of the prison. After all, these videos came out of a hearing on a federal consent decree over the shoddy management of OPP.

That Gusman can’t run a jail isn’t really news. Everybody knows that. And that there are drugs in Orleans Parish Prison is hardly a surprise – there are drugs in every prison in the country. Most of the people in those prisons are drug addicts – of course they’ll find a way to get drugs in there.

The gun is a bit shocking. It isn’t a great idea to let prisoners have guns, even on a goof. Prisoners who have guns are by definition the most likely people to use them for something illegal. And the Budweisers are more surprising than the drugs are. Smuggling drugs into jail is old hat – smuggling beer into jail?

And a cell phone, too. What could go wrong with prisoners having cell phones?

Gusman won’t be running that jail long. But the fact is, it doesn’t matter who runs that jail. OPP is a nightmare now, it’s always been a nightmare and it always will be a nightmare.

And nobody really cares. The video with all the drugs and contraband in the prison will stir people up, but nothing will change regardless of who’s in charge.  And most of us see this video and think “Better they’re in jail doing this than on the streets where they can victimize good people.”

But it’s interesting to look at. Just like a train wreck is.

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