Oscar’s Farks Of The Week, Lying Weasels Edition

I been slackin’ on this job. I know that. But it’s hard to keep yer act together when you’re on the run from the Revenue Man.

We’ll start with this…

now you call in the marines


There’s a whole buncha these out there…

Moving on…this isn’t a fark. This is Wal-Mart…

Then there’s the cat from the IRS who got-fried-but-not-really, and went up there and bullshot Congress today…

one for you 19 for me


You want some theme music for this part? Fine.

Yeah, I know it’s a Beatles song. I wanted to hear some Stevie Ray. Audit me.

More weasels at the IRS. This isn’t a fark, but it’s such a donkey-punchin’ that it almost qualifies as one…


Oh, and welcome to the future…

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