SARGE: A Faux Pas From Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama was the keynote speaker at Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Magnet High School in Tennessee. She chose to speak on the trials of school life and her change from high paid lawyer to a life of selfless public service. Angelic light was expected at any moment as she spoke and many felt the heavens would open as she spoke concerning her sacrifices. It took her 22 minutes to completely glaze over the eyes of the attendant audience.

Mrs. Obama spoke of her troubles of having spent too much time on her academic pursuits and achievements. She became a high powered lawyer, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars but gave it all up for a life of overseas trips, junkets, vacations and chaperoning her children as they spent millions upon millions to assure she was the example of social consciousness she and her husband, Beaurat believe themselves to be. “What! Hawaii again?”

It seems her association with Daily Show host Jon Stewart has borne fruit. Obama uses comedy TV to get his more important issues covered without all that icky questioning designed to gain answers and clarity concerning his policy and procedures to protect US interests overseas, has borne fruit. Michelle made a “funny”. And it was a good one too. I spit coffee all over my keyboard while reading it.

I quote: “…there’s this guy Barack Obama … he lost his first race for Congress, and now he gets to call himself my husband. I could take up a whole afternoon talking about his failures.”

Is that rich or what? I say it and people call me a racist and a “hater”. My colleagues say the same thing and they’re assailed for being politically motivated and too harsh on the man because he’s black. It’s amazing to many of us how he was half-white while trying to pry votes from the machines populated by Caucasians trying to soothe their consciences for their failure to prevent slavery’s importation into America in the late 1600s. Now that he’s gained the notoriety of being the first black (p)resident and having overcome his middle-class upbringing to rise to a level equal to any lying, cheating, Machiavellian Caucasian politico; he’s proven he can be just as incompetent as any of them. And if that’s all being accomplished in an effort to foster racial equality in politics I say “Bravo il Duce’!

The really funny part is; it can from his wife. She should know.

In recognition this was an attempt to get a laugh, I applaud the fact the first lady recognizes what we’ve all known and suffered for the past five years and must endure for another three. Was this intentional or was it really a faux pas, an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation?

Maybe the first lady’s Freudian slip was showing. (Anything’s possible.)

The Obama administration has always had the problem of playing to the audience. Black audiences always get the subtlety of black related humor. Caucasian audiences always get the strong stalwart appearance, the taut lips and the “man o’ vision” countenance designed to show his resolution, strength and force of will under fire. But, how in Hades Half-pipe can Obama survive his wife proclaiming it would take an entire afternoon to list his failures?

Just what subjects does this statement cover?

We’ve seen his ascension to the title of “No-balls Obama” throughout the Middle East after this vapid commentary concerning Bashar Assad’s potential use of chemical and biological weapons in Syria. Then there’s his subsequent crawfishing out of taking ANY steps to admit (let alone challenge) Assad’s crossing the “red line” Obama said would have consequences.

As Michelle says she’s a “busy, single mother” are there problems in the boudoir? With Michelle taking liberties with her husband’s reputation one must wonder. If there are problems of this sort I’m pretty sure the American people can say what the problem is: he’s tired.

Where there may be a dearth of lovin’ in the White House we’ve seen America’s been getting screwed regularly for years.

Thanks Michelle. America needed the chuckle.

Thanks for listening.

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