SARGE: Islam, Jihad And Deceit

“Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.”

– Reinhold Niebuhr

We live in the greatest example of Democratic thought and practice to ever go awry. In reality, we’ve taken the quotes of great minds i.e. Socrates, Solon, Aristotle, Cicero and Marcus Aurelius. They’re examples of great philosophers in the ancient world. We learned from them appreciatively. They fertilized the thinking of such American greats as Franklin and Jefferson, James Madison, Justices John Jay and Joseph Story soon to be followed Justices Learned Hand and Oliver Wendell Holmes as well as a host of others. We’re acceptant of differing opinions and thoughts.

Philosophy is opinion coupled with logic for the most part. Logic stains the litmus presentation allowing you to see there’s something there you weren’t aware of before you conducted the test. It’s the gimbal levels the thought in your mind before you allow it to direct your moral compass.

The common denominator of all these great minds was the way they reached outward with their thought and shared it with posterity. They took their knowledge of what was and sent it to the people so the people could understand how the business of politics in their world was being conducted. They opened the minds of the people and deposited comprehension allowing the people to make choices and decisions based on clear thought leading toward truth.

But, truth is a subjective thing. It lives in a shadow and must have the full light of day cast upon it to see what it means. A stronger light needs to be shined on it for all to appreciate truth as fact and not casting deeper shadows. To do this we return repeatedly to that place, those philosophers and the books codified our foundational belief systems and taught us our ethics and how we’ll relate to our brothers and sisters.

Moral thought and direction in Western thought were originally guided by the person’s education in, understanding of and acceptance of Judeo-Christian teaching inherited from Old and New Testaments. In Far Eastern cultures the teachings of Buddha, Confucius and the adherents of the Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism developed different theories and practices seeking to align their understanding of the higher power(s) directed their lives.

But, one thing was a common to all of them. They preached tolerance and harmony between people, beings and spirits unseen. They preached acceptance. They practiced (when not succumbing to man’s more base instincts) their faith as defined by a tolerant religion.

All but one did this.

Where other faiths preach truth, honor, integrity and communal thought along peaceful lines to acquire the joys of a positive afterlife, Islam preaches the way to heaven and all of its regards is to kill and/or subjugate infidels (non-believers) unless they surrender to accept Islam under duress. Islam teaches it’s acceptable and expected an Islamist may lie, cheat and steal in the interests of Islam. All other non-Islamic religions teach lying; stealing and cheating are antithetical to an honorable existence and thus prohibitive of entry into Heaven.

Islam preaches strict, fundamentalist adherence to the letter of the law. Muhammad proclaimed himself the prophet of his higher power. No others may supersede him. NO others may deviate from the written and stated letter of the law as stated in the Qur’an. Muhammad was the ultimate speaker for his God. No others may contest this, or interpret it or stray from the fundamentalist cause it espouses: the complete and total subjugation of all infidels under the banner of an Islamic deity. No other faiths or religions may exist.

It’s written in the Qur’an this way and is inviolable. None may question Muhammad’s words as he says Allah spoke them to him. According to Bukhari (V7B67N427): “The prophet said, ‘If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.”

That means no matter the words to spill from an Islamist mouth, his ethics and loyalties will always be questionable. Islam expects a strict, no-holds-barred approach to the conquest of infidels. No other practice is acceptable. And for that reason the words of so-called “moderate” Muslims is and always will be suspect when it comes to the condemnation of violent Radical, Fundamentalist Islamists actions. They can lie about anything and Islam will forgive them if it’s in the best interests of Islam.

They read from the same book. They accept the same philosophy as the word of their higher power (I refuse to call it a god). They recite the same scripture as proof of their piety before that higher power. Bukhari (52:269) says: “The prophet said, ‘War is deceit.’”

And Jihad, the Great Struggle, (war) is to subjugate all who are not of Islam.

Thanks for listening.

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