SARGE: The Serpent And The Frog

The thought Beaurat Obama’s minions would rape the Sabine Women so delicately courted with sensitivity and Obama’s chivalrous manner in the past, now lays violated and wounded for the act and shocked it happened. OH! The horror!

Kool-aid drinkers like E.J. Dionne, Robinson, Page and others are still trying to conceal the man with allegations of racism.

Aesop’s story of the frog and the serpent comes to mind. The serpent needed transport across the water to escape its enemies. It saw a frog and said: “Help me. My enemies are sorely testing me and punish me for simply being me. It’s unfair to be troubled so just for being me.” The frog saw the serpent was dejected. But, it was beautiful and spoke softly and sadly. Frog said: “No. You appear sad enough but I know the distrust others have of you. I won’t help you.” The serpent looked more dejected and said: “I won’t be able to do the magnificent things I planned in life and nobody will know of how I’d benefit them.” He wept and turned away. “I’m not the demon I appear. But, I’ll go now and the good I’d do will be never known.”

The frog, thinking he wanted the serpent to benefit him and all the others in the animal kingdom, relented. “If you’re true and wish ONLY to help others, I’ll carry you upon my back across the water and you’ll live to benefit the other forest creatures.” Frog allowed the serpent to climb aboard his back as they glided into the stream. The frog swam powerfully and assuredly until he noticed the serpent was coiled menacingly on his back, but the frog maintained his stroke while thinking: “He’ll not hurt me. He needs me to get across.”

The frog continued onward then felt a deep, severe, burning pain. He knew he’d been bitten. He felt the poison burning and coursing through his system. He was angry and afraid. He knew he’d been fooled and would die. “WHY? WHY? Why did you bite me serpent? I only wanted to help you in your efforts to help others? Why have you poisoned me? Now you’ll suffer drowning and die as I will! WHY?”

As the frog slowly ceased swimming and the poison twisted his features into a painful paralysis showing his loss of personal control and integrity he mumbled one last time: “Why?” The serpent replied: “Oh come on now Frog. You knew there was something wrong in the first place and still you wanted to believe I, the serpent, would never dare to lie to accomplish my goals.”

The serpent slid its tongue outward to taste the breeze and felt the water push the frog’s dying body closer to the shore. “You knew I’d bite you eventually but you ignored the facts and here you are; suffering the results of that bite. You ask why? I’ll tell you why. It’s because lying and biting frogs is how I eat, survive and grow more powerful. You should have remembered that. Betraying those good enough to want to help me, and profiting from it, is what I do.”

And as the frog’s dying, paralyzed body nudged against the shore the serpent glided off of his body and ate the remains: just like Beaurat Obama did with the Press when he and his minions allowed illegal searches and seizures of Associated Press (AP) correspondents’ phone records to benefit his campaign.

For the length of Obama’s administration the Press, AP included, has continually carried Obama across the stream and away from controversy because they WANTED a Black Progressive, Liberal candidate to help them lay down their White Man’s Burden as they helped him succeed in office. No matter the shallowness of his apparent qualifications, no matter the outrageousness of his rhetoric, no matter how obvious his incompetence to perform the duties of the president and no matter how much he alienated Congress, polarizing it and paralyzing it into uselessness and impotence: the Press carried him on their collective backs.

Now the Press is bitten. It’ll be interesting to see how they react from here on out.

Thanks for listening.

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