BOUSTANY VIDEO: Stonewalling And Evasion At The IRS

Rep. Charles Boustany has been screaming about the IRS audits and harassment of conservative groups for two years now, and he’s not impressed with the disclosures he’s seen so far out of the revenue agency.

And he said so in no uncertain terms on CNBC this morning…

A couple of things here. First, if you’re with a conservative organization that has experienced harassment or denial of tax-exempt status at the IRS’ hands here in Louisiana, contact us and tell us your story.

And second, this should kill Obamacare deader than Elvis. Republican or Democrat, if you vote on Capitol Hill and you’re actually in favor of letting these people administer Obamacare, you’ve got to be the worst politician on the planet.

Speaking of which, has anybody heard much out of Mary Landrieu on this issue? After all, Mary was in favor of a harebrained plan to have the IRS collect Obamacare money when they’re not busy asking constitutionalists to rat-fink their associates or auditing Eric Bolling for criticizing Obama. She’s not at fault for those abuses, and so far you could make the argument she hasn’t done anything that has permanently damaged anybody yet where Obamacare is concerned.

But now that we’re staring Obamacare in the face and knowing it’s going to be revenue-sourced through the single most coercive and abusive agency in the entire federal government, does Mary still want to be on board with this scheme?

She hasn’t said much. The Louisiana GOP noticed that and beat her up about it yesterday evening…

“We are shocked that six days have passed since it was revealed the I.R.S. has been targeting conservative non-profit groups and we have heard no condemnation from Senator Landrieu. Her silence on the developing scandal shows her true loyalty lies with the Obama Administration and the IRS bureaucrats and not the people of Louisiana. The IRS actions trampled on the 1st Amendment rights of Americans and these intimidation tactics are reminiscent of Nixon-style political tactics. It is unfortunate that Senator Landrieu has not found time over the past week to tell her constituents that this behavior by our federal government is unacceptable and she will work to put an end to it in Washington.

Louisiana deserves a Senator who will stand up for our first amendment rights, and act as a watchdog when our federal government tramples on those rights.”

And Rep. Bill Cassidy, who’ll be running against Landrieu for the Senate next year, came out on the topic…

“The targeting of any political groups by the IRS must be stopped. We recently learned that the IRS impeded conservative groups from doing their work by imposing additional requirements on them before gaining tax-exempt status. Any branch of the federal government which undermines groups of any political persuasion is attacking our democratic values. It is simply anti-American.

“This proves the old saying that a government that is big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take from you everything you have. In this case, they are taking away our privacy. That’s why I have sent a letter demanding the IRS provide information on Louisiana groups it targeted, and I will continue insisting the President get control over our government and shrink its size. That is the most effective way to prevent more instances like this in the future.”

Meanwhile, a vote comes up in the House to repeal Obamacare today. One would imagine in the wake of the IRS scandal the repeal will get support from more Democrats than previous votes.

And in the Senate one would imagine the red-state Dems like Mary, Mark Begich, Mark Pryor and the rest will start to feel some pressure to repeal Obamacare.

Otherwise, one hell of a narrative for next year and beyond is about to take place: Mary not only voted to put a bunch of partisan-hack IRS thugs in charge of funding Obamacare, but she stuck with that decision when it became obvious just how dumb an idea that was.

Does she really want that albatross around her neck? Has she really thought this through?

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