The Funny-As-Hell-But-Still-Infuriating Andrew Klavan-Steven Crowder Benghazi Video

Benghazi is far too serious a subject to tell jokes about, so this video is horribly inappropriate.

But it’s still awesome. And funny. And oh-so-true.

The general public barely knows about Benghazi, because the mainstream media to date has made a mind-blowing effort at covering up the scandal. The failure of the Romney campaign to bring it up as an election issue last year certainly contributed to that, but when a presidential administration is hell-bent on covering up a scandal and can do so with the assistance of the major news networks and newspapers, it’s neither surprising nor tolerable.

And that’s the subject of this horribly inappropriate video. Which, of course, might be one of the more entertaining things you’ll see. Anytime you put Andrew Klavan and Steven Crowder together it’s going to be good.

By the way – Klavan on Facebook about this thing:

Professional Crazy Person Steven Crowder came by my house the other day, stole my bathrobe, and my breakfast cereal, and filmed this video about Benghazi. I want my bathrobe back!

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