OUTRAGEOUS: The English Defence League Has Its Selma

What you’ll see on this video is something so breathtakingly ridiculous that if we just described it and didn’t show it to you, you’d think we were lying.

Namely, that Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, two activists from the anti-Muslim protest group the English Defence League, attempted to conduct a charity walk in East London on behalf of a little girl with neuroblastoma – and included in their plans was to lay a wreath at Woolwich Barracks, the site where British soldier Lee Rigby was slaughtered in broad daylight by a pair of jihadists on May 22. But Robinson and Carroll were prevented from concluding their walk, first by someone later connected with a pro-Muslim pressure group who physically assaulted Robinson in full view of the police, and second by the police themselves, who arrested the pair “on suspicion of obstructing officers.”

The police had told Robinson in advance that the route he’d planned for his charity walk was not acceptable

In a meeting with me you stated that the walk you propose is not a protest, it is purely aimed at raising money for charity.

Over the years you have been forthright in your views on the Islamic faith. Some sections of society (Muslims) have found your views to be grossly offensive and have protested against both you personally and the English Defence League, which you lead.

Your views have on occasion provoked violent opposition. In light of recent events, it is my belief that your presence in Tower Hamlets and in particular the East London Mosque would prove to be provocative as to tend to result in violent opposition and a breach of the peace.

As you may be aware, I along with police officers are duty bound to preserve the Queen’s peace.

Indeed this is a duty, which sits with all citizens. I genuinely believe the route proposed by you or the very presence of you at the East London Mosque will provoke an immediate violent reaction.

To fulfil my duty to preserve the peace, I am requesting you not to enter the London Borough of Tower Hamlets on 29 June 2013.

Should you not comply with this request and circumstances develop as feared it may prove necessary for the steps to be taken to avoid disorder. This may include you becoming liable to arrest to prevent an imminent breach of the peace ‘Obstructing a police officer in the execution of their duties’…

In Britain in 2013, a citizen is not allowed to walk on a public street without fear of arrest. It looks like Selma, doesn’t it?

This latest affront to free speech and Western civilization comes on the heels of a decision by British Home Secretary Theresa May to ban Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, two American anti-Muslim writers, from entering that country out of fears they might foment terrorism. The letter received by Geller is eye-opening as well…

Geller’s reaction to the letter was to say that “The nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead.”

But this can’t continue. It’s very difficult to believe the British people will stand by and allow their government to give away their cultural patrimony and civil rights without pushing back.

Oh, and by the way – it turns out that one of the perpetrators of the barbaric slaughter of Lee Rigby was well-known to the police as a jihadist agitator. In fact, video has surfaced of Michael Adebolajo riling up a crowd of Muslims at a counter-rally to an English Defence League demonstration on September 11 of 2009…

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