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Attorney General Eric Holder is arguably one of the dumbest people on the planet. I say arguably because he’s in competition with Kathleen Sibelius, Janet Napolitano, Hilary Clinton, John Kerry and their feckless leader Beaurat Obama. There are others salted among the differing levels of this bureaucratic nightmare referred to as the Obama Administration. I felt it best to stick with the nuts, bolts and dolts at the highest levels of influence. They accept no responsibility for their acts or those of their subordinates.

Everybody’s chasing their tails concerning these “DC Scandals”. They’re all acting like the behaviors exhibited by Obama’s attendant mouthpieces and hatchet men (and women) are something new in the DC political scene. This kind of abuse concerning the American people is de rigueur. It’s the way business is done and it will never change. The main problem as witnessed in the lame stream media (LSM) of late is the fact Obama and Holder have been caught abusing their friends in the press as much as they have their enemies.

And, make no mistake of it, there’s at least an unofficial mental Enemies List Obama consults when he wants to marginalize a critic. Originally the list was held-over from the Bush Administration where Al Qaeda and Taliban operatives were the targets for “Droning” and assassination overseas. It was a list actively maintained so as to enumerate the worst of the nation’s enemies. Now, the list appears actively maintained so as to enumerate the worst of this administration’s enemies. That includes the Associated Press (AP) which historically has fawned over Obama, his administration; publicized, legitimized and lionized his policies and in general licked the back of his hand because his butt’s too high off of the floor for them to actively kiss. Now they’re being violated like Christians hosting a Couchon de Lait for a Taliban policy meeting.

NOW, it’s important enough to get upset about; RIGHT AP?

The difference between Obama and his predecessors’ efforts in this vein is the striking level of incompetence noted in Obama’s people. Holder admits to knowing nothing; about anything. This includes having signed affidavits of probable cause used to apply for warrants to search, seize and investigate in depth members of the press reporting the administration’s faux pas and illegalities. Under Obama, it’s not allowed to say the emperor wears no clothes.

This idiot signs stuff without reading it? Really? NO; he never learned to not leave a paper trail. That’s how lousy a lawyer he is, let alone describing his job performance as America’s Chief Law Enforcement agent.

Allusions have been made to Sergeant Schultz’s (of Hogan’s Heroes fame) favorite statement: “I KNOW NOTHINGGGG!” Sergeant Schultz’s statement was a comedic foil. Being compared to Eric Holder in any manner qualifies as an insult. Holder’s statements indicate either total incompetence or more likely; is a canard cast before those same AP lackeys to spin and gyroscopically maintain a lie covering a violation of Constitutional rights. None of this is funny in the least. Holder is more in alignment with Richard Nixon’s quote to David Frost: “When the President does it, it is not illegal.” Holder believes he’s above and beyond the law he’ll enforce against his, and his boss’ enemies.

Holder offered to hold a meeting with journalists to discuss guidelines for future relations with The Department of Justice (DOJ). The AP and others felt the paternal pat on the head and started fawning again at Holder’s willingness to meet with them. Then the pat on the head turned into a set-up for a head-slap because the meeting was to be “off-the-record”. That’s “Spin-speak” for don’t bring a pencil and paper, don’t bring any recorders or cameras and don’t expect me to tell you anything reportable.

Additionally this indicates if you’re a journalist acceptable to the DOJ and Obama Administration, you’re to please bend over and back into the room, get the pleasure stroke they’ll plant on your personal parts and report none of it to the people you hold the most responsibility to: the American Public.

And all of what I’ve said here is my opinion and is FOR the record.

Thanks for listening.

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