The Young Democrats Of Louisiana Respond To Elbert Guillory…

…and fail to impress.

It starts out with the prospect that private property and profit are evil – or something.

Days ago, Senator Guillory suggests that, in recent history, the Democrats have created the illusion that their agenda and policies are best for African-Americans. However, he fails to mention that the Republicans’ agenda always seems to know what is not best. African-Americans are smart enough to understand their social, political, and economic plight in America-especially those of us who reside in the South. It is the Republicans, however, who continuously influence their agenda with ‘runaway’ school districts, ‘charter’ school movements, the eradication of public schools, public hospitals, public transportation, public healthcare, and public jails. What’s next? The dismantling of public restrooms?

In this state, anything ‘public’ is associated with African-Americans, the poor, and other ethnic minorities. Everything, according to the Republican agenda must be private. Private industry, private schools, private jails, private hospitals-and Governor Jindal’s private helicopter. Why is everything so ‘private’? What the heck are you hiding? Its profits. The more privatization the more opportunity to profit and exploit those with less and those who come from less. That type of conservative agenda reminds us of slavery. Was slavery not about exploitation and profit?

And it gets worse from there…

Senator Guillory’s romanticized recollection of Lincoln and the Nineteenth Century Republicans is alarming. The Republican Party, which began in 1854, only associated ‘free’ people with ‘free soil’. In other words, they were not necessarily against the institution of slavery in the South as they were against the spread of slavery in free territories. The Republicans were anti-Slavery. John Brown was an abolitionist. And they wanted nothing to do with him. And neither did their 1860 presidential nominee, Abraham Lincoln. The dichotomy between anti-Slavery and abolitionism is primarily between eradicating slavery where it could exists, in future states and territories, as opposed to abolishing the entire institution itself. The Republicans disdain for slavery was not for moral reasons; but for political ones. The Republicans, during this time, were confined only to the North; therefore, their influence became confined to this region of the country. Thus, their influence in Congress and in future presidential elections were horribly limited. They wanted to spread their anti-slavery influence westward. This would inevitably lead to Kansas Territory, where blood from an impromptu war would flow like water over the disputes between slavery and anti-slavery factions.

And while, Senator Guillory suggests that President Lincoln is known for so-called “freeing” the slaves with his Emancipation Proclamation, historians well agree, that it only freed slaves in states who were in rebellion against the Union during the US Civil War; thus, Negroes who were enslaved in the Border states such as Tennessee, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri remained. Lincoln wasn’t only hellbent on discarding slavery during the Civil War, but jettisoning Negroes too. He seriously considered exporting ex-slaves to parts of Caribbean, Central Mexico, and Monrovia (West Africa).

So the Republicans weren’t really abolitionists and didn’t really care about freeing the slaves. Of course, the Democrats seceded from the union and fought a war that basically destroyed the South to keep the slaves in bondage – but let’s not talk about that.

Then it goes on to say that Republicans are all about slavery and racism now, which is the typical mindless lie spouted by brain-dead Democrats. Not worth wasting your time quoting that.

And a flourish – which is to parrot the idiotic statement by the LDP’s executive director Stephen Handwerk that somehow Guillory’s choice to become the first black Republican in the Louisiana legislature since Reconstruction and the only Republican state senator in the country was a cowardly thing for him to do…

In sum, Senator. Your defection to the Republicans wasn’t, as you suggest, a bold move. It was cowardly. You know, a diagnosis your so-called ‘spiritual’ healer missed. And you have a history of such acts, one that included your infamous backdoor move out of the chamber during the initial vote for equal pay for women- Black or otherwise. So while you suggest that today’s Republican Party agenda serves as ‘Free at Last’ Party, just know, that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would’ve never joined them. He was against the war in Vietnam which Republican President Nixon supported. Who did Dr. King support? The poor. Black people. The disenfranchised. The weak. Yes, Senator, the very same people you’ve forgotten-the ones that live in your legislative district.

The troglodyte who wrote this excrement is named Ricardo Malbrew, and he styles himself as “YDL Historian.” He has a bio at, of all places, imdb

Born Ricardo Mitchell in August 1975, abandoned by both his biological mother and father, a young Rico was removed from a life of mental and physical abuse by a foster-homed mixed racial couple in Ashland, New Hampshire, through a court order, by his adoption parents, Scalton and Vinelle Malbrew in 1983. They provided stability for him in Moss Bluff, Louisiana until he graduated from Sam Houston High School in 1994. After four years of service in the United States Navy, he interned at various Hollywood production companies during his junior year at Grambling State University in 2001. Several years later, he began appearing in small roles in major motion pictures.

Doesn’t say what roles in what pictures. He does, however, appear on PBS’ web site with an article he wrote about his ancestry that doesn’t particularly inspire faith in his intellect or ability to form paragraphs.

The book he wrote, , presumably does contain paragraphs. We haven’t had a chance to read that one, so we couldn’t say for sure.

Somehow this is the guy who the Democrats thought was qualified to offer a rebuttal to Guillory. That’s a pretty good indication of how badly off Democrats are in this state. But willful ignorance of history and the happy assertion of bald-faced lies are key aspects of today’s Democrat Party; if they weren’t, you wouldn’t find the claim on the Democrat National Committee’s website that they’ve been on the forefront of the civil rights fight for 200 years in this country.



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