HUSTMYRE: The Shot Heard ‘Round The World

The shot that killed Trayvon Martin is still echoing and the “Hate America” crowd is loving it.

The Rev. Al Sharpton has a hot young girlfriend who looks like she requires a lot of maintenance, so I’m guessing the old Rev needs some quick cash.

And Jesse Sr. is probably still reeling from his son and daughter-in-law getting caught with their hands in the campaign cookie jar, so he’s probably looking for some extra payola to help junior buy some protection while he’s in the joint.

So I understand their motives in stirring up racial friction in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict. Al and Jesse are race whores, and whores, no matter the type, always want the same thing — money.

And, of course, like the good lemmings they are, the rest of the “Hate America” crowd is following right along. Black politicians, white liberals, strife-mongering media types, movie stars, gangsta’ rappers, and pinhead pop singers — all are tripping over themselves to denounce the verdict.

These are just the usual scum-sucking suspects. But now they’ve been joined by the people who are actually running this country.

None other than the United States Attorney General, Eric “I normally don’t know anything about anything” Holder, decided to pile on Lucifer incarnate (I mean George Zimmerman) while speaking to a bunch of black sorority sisters. (I only mention the sisters’ race here because it is THE reason the attorney general pandered to them).

Holder suggested that he was so disappointed in the verdict that the Department of Justice would continue to investigate Zimmerman for possible civil rights violations, despite the fact the FBI has already investigated the case and found no basis for federal prosecution.

How much do you want to bet they find one now?

And black hooligans are using the verdict as an excuse to riot in California. Somehow those geniuses have turned their alleged anger about the verdict into an anti-police movement, apparently forgetting that it was the police, albeit Florida police, that arrested Zimmerman for murder. But never fear, the LAPD is on the job. The chief got on TV after a night of looting and told the black scofflaws that if they came back for a second night of Wal-Mart looting they would go to jail.

(I’m not kidding. Watch the video for yourself.)

Apparently in L.A., one night of rioting and looting is okay. Two is pushing it. I wonder what Wal-Mart executives think of that old LAPD motto: To Protect and to Serve?

Closer to home, some of our local politicians also jumped on the hate bandwagon. State Rep. Ted James, democrat from Baton Rouge, got on the Jim Engster radio show on WRKF Wednesday to bash The Hayride, Scott McKay, the Zimmerman jury, and the so-called stand your ground laws. As a legislator, Mr. James said he wants to revisit state law with an eye toward mandating that a person retreat when confronted with a threat.

Mr. James’s complaint about the Zimmerman jury was a bit more bizarre. “Black defendants fare better when they have a jury of their peers,” James explained. “Trayvon Martin did not have a jury of his peers… and the Constitution affords him that right.”


To be fair, Mr. James said he did not watch the entire Zimmerman trial, but even the most casual observation of the televised proceedings should have revealed to Mr. James that Trayvon Martin was not on trial and that the jury was actually there to judge the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman — the defendant!

When a caller challenged Mr. James on his statement, James refused to back down. In fact, he doubled down and said he would stake his Southern Law School diploma on his interpretation of the Constitution and the idea that it does guarantee the right of a dead homicide victim to be judged by a jury of his peers. (Mr. James did not elaborate on how that procedure is supposed to work in practice.)

(I kid you not. Listen to the interview yourself.)

If Southern University actually did confer a law degree on this guy, perhaps school officials should consider requiring him to come back for some remedial Constitutional law training. And remember, Ted James is making laws that you are required to obey. Tell me that ain’t scary.

And then there’s this. University of Pennsylvania religious studies professor Anthea Butler, angry over the Zimmerman verdict, wrote this on her blog:

“I know that this American god ain’t my god. As a matter of fact, I think he’s a white racist god with a problem. More importantly, he is carrying a gun and stalking young black men.”

Wow! She has some serious issues.

The one constant in this hodgepodge of street protests, acts of violence, and moronic utterances is that those engaged in them absolutely hate America and are using this otherwise ordinary trial as a flashpoint for their rage.

Since the night George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, thousands of people have been shot, stabbed, and beaten to death in this country. Most of them were black, but the Left has remained focused like a laser beam on George Zimmerman, the new poster child for “white” privilege, racism, and bigotry.

(The media had a slight setback with its narrative when it discovered that George Zimmerman is half Hispanic and part black, but it overcome that pesky little problem by simply creating the new racial classification of “white Hispanic.”)

I just hope that this shot heard ’round the world doesn’t result in the same type of bloody, years-long war that the original did.

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