SARGE: The Modern Face Of Terrorism

Rolling Stone Magazine ©, an ultra-left-wing rag, is highlighting Islamist terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in a depictive photo more akin to Jim Morrison of The Doors than Joe Stalin dripping baby’s blood from his maniacal leer. The guy’s a genocidal provocateur and murderer.

The effort I see in the photo is to show the baby-faced bomber and to accentuate the irony of his looks belying the infamy of his crimes. The photo makes a point everybody seems to be forgetting:  terrorists defy categorization by looks, racial physiognomy and characteristics or culturally identifiable prejudices.

This kid looks like an adolescent model for the next Ken ® Doll offered by Mattel. If he couldn’t get a date with Barbie® he could surely attract her “l’il sister Skipper®” for a fun day at the beach.

In magazine publishing, the cover is the most important part of the presentation. Playboy® never put pictures of octogenarian spinsters on the cover because they wanted you to understand better the informational impact of the enclosed article on Obamacare and its effect on the elderly. The covers depict beautiful women.

The cover has to “hit” you hard enough so you’ll pick it up and look at it more closely. Then when you take the average time it takes to scan the words and flip through the pages (less than ten seconds) the publisher hopes you’ll buy it. The only thing taking less time to have a positive visual impact on a potential customer is a roadside billboard. Six seconds (+/- dependent on how fast you’re going as you approach and pass the sign) has been touted as the industry average for impact on a billboard. If a picture’s worth a thousand words; the visual impact it commands far and away surpasses the six words allowable under billboard advertising conventions.

We’re not here to defend the choice of Rolling Stone’s photographic imagery for their sales program. We’re here to say the choice is effective in another vein. A vein I’d like to mine for the intelligence it offers us if we’ll pay attention.

The intelligence to be gained is: we’re involved in a different kind of war again. The enemy has no uniform but a cherubic look on its face. It has no armament other than building Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) from terrorist instructions found in cyber-published “how-to-manuals” on-line. This enemy isn’t foreign; standing outside the gate rattling sabers and charging siege engines. It isn’t amassed in formations recognizable as threatening.

This enemy’s being schooled in OUR educational system. It’s being nurtured in fundamentalist Madrasas teaching the fundamentalist Islamic doctrine of hatred for the infidel culture welcoming it into its open arms. This enemy’s taught to lie, cheat, steal and attack the culture it’s insidiously infiltrating. The host nation needs to be seen as acceptant of people not fortunate enough to have been born here in the first place. The “white man’s burden” extends beyond the boundaries of genetic/anthropological racial definitions into the realm of cultural anthropology where idealism can get you killed.

Now, through operations like Common Core and its expectation of mindless acceptance of educational outlines “to be determined at a later time”, we see our children being commanded by a teacher’s course outline and a commanded curriculum to dress as Muslims to “experience the culture”. We find the indoctrination being pushed to cash-strapped school systems. They desperately accept money offered for teaching  those same curriculum “to be determined at a later time” though they don’t read the contract legally locking them into teaching dubiously and nebulously drafted courses concealing Islamist agendas.

Before you start denigrating what’s been said: it’s happening as we speak in school districts in Texas.

The Rolling Stone © cover shows the dangers of refusing to recognize an enemy in the packaging he arrives in. This kid is attractive enough to make girls and young women swoon and giggle behind the magazine as they fantasize about how “cute” he is. The girls (and I guess some guys) should know better, but immaturity has never been logical in what actions it drives.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is the face of modern terrorism. People need to recognize that unpleasant fact.

Thanks for listening.

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