APPEL: The Majority Has Rights, Too

In our current political climate, much has been spoken and written about the preservation of the civil rights of individuals and, more recently in our history, of protected classes of individuals. The protection of civil rights of the individual is an important concept of the American political system dating to the Constitution. The protection of rights and the extension of “special” rights for protected classes is a more modern creation, resulting from popular political pressures. In order for our political system to continue to remain strong, the protection of the rights of the majority must always be paramount to those of the individual or of protected classes. In this age of overheated concern for the rights of the individual and protected classes it is critical that we address the rights of the American public as a whole so that we may maintain an orderly society.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights define in general terms those rights that are promised to the American people. These rights exist on the individual and on the societal scale in proportionate measure. It is the interpretation of the magnitude of the practical application of these rights that defines current political and juridical logic and will determine the future of our nation.

In laymen’s terms there are many rights promised, in concept, by the Founders. Americans as a whole must be able to rely upon these as they align with our well-ordered societal structure. Failure to protect these rights or, in the extant case, over emphasis upon narrow individual special interests will cause great disruption to our modern society.

Amongst others the rights that provide the foundation of our society and that we must protect against over-zealous attacks by special interests include:

The right to be free from the fear and the fact of predation by criminals and corrupt officials.

The right to a high quality education free from union control.

The right to an economy free from government micro-management and intrusion.

The right to an opportunity to earn and keep a good family income.

The right to the enjoyment of the fruits of one’s labors without economic loss due to massive government “share the wealth” taxes.

The right to a quality healthcare system without government intrusion.

The right to think and to speak as one believes without being demeaned and damaged economically as not being “politically correct”.

The right to raise one’s children as one sees fit.

The right to value the importance of a traditional family without its value being threatened by current social attitudes of dubious long term sustainability.

The right to have faith and trust in our civil and criminal justice systems.

The right to depend upon representative democracy, government in which the good of the whole is of superior importance to the good of politically active special classes.

As they should be, individual rights are highly valued in our country; however the rights of the collective majority of citizens must not be subverted to those of the individual. The orderly conduct of our America social structure depends upon the acceptance and implementation of the legitimate rights of the majority.

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