SARGE: Playing In The Sewer

“When you talk to the American people, and try to bring our vision, that [President Ronald] Reagan vision of a ‘shining city on a hill,’ but you’re doing it screaming on Fox News Channel all the time, screaming and yelling on all these cable news channels and being angry, you’re not drawing Americans,” he argued Thursday.

– Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill.

If there’s one thing I detest of people and hate in general it’s when a person or organization says: “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.” If you want to place me in attack mode: go ahead and proclaim this as your explanation for whatever you feel needs correction concerning me or my actions. If you want a response approaching equivalence with a nuclear explosion try doing it with a command I think like you without question. The hypocrisy of elected officials makes me livid with rage at times.

People have interesting sets of double standards. In America both political party representatives spend untold hours fellating microphones in order to assure they get sufficient publicity advertising they’re indeed doing something to the people back home. (Yes. I phrased that correctly.)

The image is almost standardized: a Representative or Senator, resplendent in a tailored suit, splendidly coifed hair and a posture of quiet command, stands before a camera and ladles out the current party line in a voice carefully ranged in volume and annotative emphasis while looking as serious as possible even though they know they were chosen to comment because they needed the “face-time” with the people. After all, congressional representation is considered a generational progression with the elder members initiating the younger cohorts in the ceremonial aspects of public pandering and personal political prostitution.

Whatever the subject, there will be a hint (or maybe an outright burst) of self-righteous indignation concerning the platform plank the opposition is extolling. Then the subject in the spotlight gets the chance to attack the obvious “insanity” of the stance taken by the opposition. It’s virtually imperative the indignation be notable and obvious. This propels the opposition from a stance of recognizable disconcert to the level of self-appointed protectorate.

Really? You expect us to believe you’re that indignant about anything? The evidence of the posturing is unmistakable. It leaves no room for misinterpretation.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi protest the intransigence of John Boehner and Eric Cantor’s refusal to capitulate on the pending “NUCLEAR OPTION”. The world would end if we didn’t pass ObamaCare. America was being “held hostage” and the Republicans are “waging war against women” because of the conservative stance on abortions conducted after 20 weeks. We were in peril of annihilation if Sequestration went into effect. But, the Sun rose, the birds sang and the smell of sewage lingered on the breath of our representatives.

All these dolts run around like “their heads are on fire and their asses … catchin’” (paraphrasing one of my favorite Country Music stars). They’re ginning up the controversy. They add elements of drama to an already seedy, inarticulate performance most anybody short of liberal, die-hard Representative slugs or thoroughly conformist and thus, neutered Senatorial republican drones can see is worthless.

But the good representative from Illinois protests the fact his party doesn’t put its “vision” out there properly where the people can appreciate the strides necessary to pass good legislation.

What “vision”? The Republican Party’s been more akin to “Democrat Lite” than a worthy opponent to the Progressive garbage the Democrats have been cranking out since Woodrow Wilson took a dump on the Constitution at the beginning of the 20th Century. The goal for the vast majority of politicians has been expand government until it bursts out into overseeing every aspect of human, American endeavor.  Representatives and Senators no more represent the American people than a venomous snake has the best wishes for a fat frog in range of its strike.

The vision of the Founding Fathers (term fast becoming cliché) was for “a government of the people, by the people and for the people”. We’re supposed to be a government of laws, not of men. But we’re controlled by men like Obama having NO respect for laws or the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Vision!? The collective Myopia (near-sightedness) of the American political scene has been obvious as we stumble through the world suffering more and more insult for our speaking out of both sides of our face. Sorry John McCain: you and your cronies on both sides of the aisle have been turned out and seen for what you are.

To Representative Kinzinger I say this: take off the rose colored glasses and recognize you’re playing in a sewer and the other rats are laughing at you.

Thanks for listening.

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