The Trayvon Martin Fight-A-Bum-Over-A-Bike Video

Not quite sure whether this proves anything, but it was purportedly one of the files found on Trayvon Martin’s cell phone that the judge wouldn’t allow into evidence. It shows somebody Martin knew fighting a homeless guy over a bicycle that somebody else Martin may or may not have known ended up walking away with.

Maybe the homeless guy stole the bike and these people were taking it back. Who knows.

The point is that Trayvon was allegedly shooting the video on his phone and he seemingly found the whole scene uproariously funny.

Does this make a difference? Maybe. If anything, it does seem to show that Martin had a familiarity with, and a flippant attitude toward, violence. That might have some bearing on how experienced he was with beating people up and taking their stuff, or not.

Should it have been in evidence at the trial? Would the defense really want to try to bring it in? Not sure. It’s an indication that Trayvon was at least known to hang around thugs who fought each other over property, and that’s a bit injurious to the already-busted narrative of Trayvon-the-sweet-kid-who-got-killed-for-Skittles-and-iced-tea.

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