SARGE: The Past Is Darkness

“People are all over the world telling their one dramatic story and how their life has turned into getting over this one event. Now their lives are more about the past than their future.” 

– Chuck Palahniuk

Racism exists. Everybody has some racial preconceptions or stereotypes hidden in their closets. To say otherwise is either foolish or you’re a liar. But, it’s not exclusive to any particular people or race. All people can be racist; some more than others.

The Martin-Zimmerman case should be viewed “en pointe” for the way it focuses pressure on all of us in a single, specific area of attention. Remember, unless you have a one-legged ballerina, when dancers are “en pointe” there are actually TWO feet holding the position; two participant body parts suffering the load and concentrated stresses. While it appears there’s a concentration of pressures and anxiety on only the one point; both feet share the problem.

As there’s a major stress point placed on Trayvon Martin’s family (and the circumstances of his death) there’s also George Zimmerman and the trauma he and his family suffer. Zimmerman’s problems, developed from his actions that fateful night, are centered in the here and now. Trayvon Martin’s problems are over, but (and this is to stop any thought his death is being minimized) his family’s problems continue now as they suffer his loss. Having lost a child in a violent manner I can tell you the pain never goes away. The drive to exact a heavy vengeance on the perpetrator lingers. These families are in agony.

People like Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition are scrambling for as much money as possible to support his lifestyle and drive his power-seeking agenda. Jesse Jackson harangues the people to send his organization as much cash as can be deposited, as soon as possible, in order to maintain HIS standard of living. His efforts to enhance his platform’s architecture (built on the backs of dead Civil Rights workers lost in Selma and Mississippi and other locales in the sixties) are disturbing. His agenda’s obvious but the liberal press applauds this separatist sludge bucket as he declares Florida an “Apartheid State”. The fool always was good with the turn of a phrase and the twist of an issue. This is how this “reverend” lends comfort to his “flock”.

Al Sharpton is screaming his outrage at the verdict for Zimmerman’s acquittal. No surprises there. He’s been fomenting racial hatred and violent action since Tawanna Brawley lied her way into infamy in New York and propelled Sharpton into national prominence as a black protest leader. He knows all of the buzz phrases. He’s quick to demand “justice” as long as the alleged “victim” is black and the issue can be forced and polarized. Conflict is the fuel driving his money grubbing engine. He says nothing when the killer is black and the victim is a Caucasian, year old child in a stroller. This, again, is how THIS “reverend” soothes the pain of “his” people.

Ben Jealous reenergized the old, tired NAACP. It was a senile lion basking in the sun. Ben Jealous is the young cat wresting the NAACP agenda from the flea bitten carcass lazily reclining on a tree limb in the veldt. Again, super-charge the rhetoric; fill the coffers. Don’t heal; rip the wound open and add salt to increase the pain. Then charge money to apply the healing balm.

The New Black Panthers want violence. They want to kill anybody and anything indicating white culture. They need money for weapons and ammo. They want cash to buy computers and loud speakers to spread their hatred and foment animosity as best they can. They’re the moral equivalent of the Klan. Where the Klan rallies around a burning cross, the Black Panthers come together around the fires they light destroying neighborhoods.

This tragedy is en pointe; both families share the pain, the notoriety, the drive for justice, though in different directions. The problem arises when the vultures feed on the dead, concealing their actions with their cloaked posturing and foul gorging on the entrails of the dead.

The filthy ones, living on the edge, circling in the sky overhead, are the only ones profiting monetarily. They could care less about the families. The point of this commentary is that these charlatans screaming for social justice and better race relations are in it for themselves and their personal profit margins. They care nothing for the people other than to use them as tools to inflate their bottom lines. If they can divert attention from their actions by keeping everybody mired in the past’s darkness; they’ll do it.

Wounds mend best in clean, open air and the brilliance of healing sunlight. We ALL need to step away from charlatans stuck in the past. They should be working on creating a better today.

The past is darkness; tomorrow is concealed there too. Let today dawn and enjoy it with your eyes wide open.

– Meshe Mehtug – Native American Sage and Sachem wanabee

Thanks for listening

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