Ted James Burnishes His Race-Hustling Credentials On The Radio

I never listen to WRKF, the NPR radio station in Baton Rouge. That station gets my tax dollars without my consent; they won’t get my time to go with it.

That said, WRKF’s morning talk host, Jim Engster, is a nice guy and his show is generally fairly well regarded.

This morning, however, Engster had a guest on who it seems is doing everything he can to ramp up his street cred as a star in the race industry – state Rep. Ted James (D-Baton Rouge), whom we covered Monday for his promotion via social media of (1) Trayvon Martin as Emmett Till, and (2) the Al Sharpton/Ben Jealous-led effort to force a federal political prosecution of George Zimmerman for having violated Martin’s civil rights by killing him in self-defense.

And James spent 30 minutes-plus on the air spewing inanities and provable falsehoods about the case, his post-verdict activism – and of course our commentary here at the Hayride.

In case you can’t get through it all, which is understandable, a few highlights.

First, the guy who told Peter Schiff that Louisiana had “capped corporate giveaways” at the Democrat Convention last year says we don’t have any credibility here at the Hayride.

Then he says 95 percent of what’s on this site is about race. Which is a provable lie; click here and you’ll see the last 20 posts on this site, 13 of which have nothing to do with race.

Naturally, he accuses yours truly of being a racist. Which is without question true; I spent four months working to organize a conference for the benefit and promotion of black conservatives to no personal pecuniary benefit because I’m such a racist guy. I’ll spend a lot more time than that to do it again, whether I derive any benefit or not. Because I’m such a racist, you see.

James then says the Zimmerman case was all about Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. Which is patently untrue, as anyone who followed the case knows.

He also gets into the question of young black men being looked at suspiciously, but offers no thoughts as to how to address the cause of that suspicion.

He says Trayvon Martin didn’t get a jury of his peers, and then bristles when a caller materializes to remind him that the justice system is built to provide the DEFENDANT with a jury of his peers, not the victim. That part, about 28 minutes or so into the interview, is the most hilarious of the show.

And then he follows that up by saying “The color of skin doesn’t matter to me.” Which is why he’s upset that Zimmerman’s jury didn’t have a bunch of black people on it and is therefore incapable of delivering a valid verdict (which is his strong implication, if not literally what he says).

And on, and on.

I don’t care that Ted James calls me racist or says I don’t have credibility. I consider the source for that. We get regular contributions here from Bill Cassidy, David Vitter, Conrad Appel, John Kennedy, Jeff Landry, Bobby Jindal and other public officials, which would tend to invalidate his ignorant remarks.

And besides, it’s patently obvious in 2013 that to be called a racist by someone obviously invested in the promotion of “racism” as a dominant social issue is meaningless. Ted James can call me any name he wants; he’s the one running around with hyperbolic nonsense about Trayvon Martin as Emmett Till, not me. It’s like being called an Islamophobe by Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

Or being called a racist by Rachel Jeantel, which is now happening.

Haters gonna hate.

What I find disturbing is that this raging nincompoop who doesn’t understand simple concepts like what “a jury of one’s peers” means and can’t tell the difference between classic self-defense theory and Stand Your Ground, is a lawyer and a lawmaker.

That’s what’s disturbing. We’re governed by morons, and they’re merrily stoking a race war.

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