VIDEO: Sheila Jackson Lee’s Food-Stamp Tirade

She’s officially the Food-Stamp Congresswoman.

Rep. WhereMyLimo didn’t carry the day. They passed that farm bill after they took all the food stamps out. Now they’ll have a separate food stamp bill and she can come back an’ give the Sally Struthers Speech again on the House floor.

Meantime, we can watch as the farm bill goes to conference and the Senate buffaloes Boehner into puttin’ all the food stamps back in.

Or maybe not. Boehner seems to have a lil’ bit more spine than he used to. Prolly because he knows everybody’s sick of him.

Then again, everybody’s sick of WhereMyLimo, too. But that’s for a different reason.

Watch all the Dems run around screamin’ about how the mean Republicans made food stamps illegal now. Just watch. It’s gonna be exactly like you’d figure it. And while WhereMyLimo’s got pole position in the Lefty Outrage 500, you can bet she’s gonna have a buncha competition.

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