APPEL: At Last, The Truth Is Confirmed

In an interview this week with PBS, Harry Reid revealed that Obamacare is not now, nor was it ever, the real Democrat plan for the future of healthcare. What is so remarkable is that, as too often has occurred throughout history, Americans fell for the “big lie;” tell it with straight face, tell it often enough, and it will be believed. The Democrats have used this strategy for three years. Hide the real plan; tell them what they want to hear!

And what is this real plan? Very simply, they plan to end the system of healthcare delivery that has made us the envy of the world and then move our nation into a single-payer system, in other words an American version of socialized medicine.

I didn’t make this up, Senator Reid, for reasons that even he is probably regretting, finally came clean and admitted the truth.

No surprise, I guess; we knew this all along, but after the Democrats had jammed down Obamacare, some thought they would be satisfied and stop as we careened down the road to disaster.  That was wrong; they now admit that Obamacare is but a temporary stop on the path to the nationalization of healthcare.

And what does socialized medicine mean to the American citizen? No, you can’t keep your own doctor and health plan. No, you may not expect any savings in cost. No, you should not expect cutting edge medical research and new drug or treatment development. Yes, you must expect rationed medicine and limited access to doctors. Yes, you must expect substantially higher fees and taxes. Yes, you may expect an end to Medicare as we know it. Yes, the healthcare that you have in your union contract or through work will end soon.

One might say this is a national issue that is beyond our control, but is it really?  After all, we don’t have to look far to find the person who cast the deciding favorable vote to pass Obamacare.

Who promised the people of Louisiana that this was a great plan and would be good for all of us? Who failed to tell the people of the Democrats’ real plan, the plan to end free-market healthcare system and substitute an American version of socialized medicine? No, it wasn’t Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi; these were home-grown insults to Louisiana’s people.

At least Senator Reid has come clean and former Speaker Pelosi was honest enough to tell us that we had to pass the bill in order to know what was in the bill. But sadly for Louisiana, we don’t have to look too far to find the one person who single handedly had it in her power to stop the madness. Senator Mary Landrieu could have, by voting no to a bill which is widely opposed by Louisianans, prevented the destruction of the finest healthcare system ever known.  Instead, she chose to support Harry Reid and President Obama over the strong opposition of her own constituents. Thankfully, Senator Reid’s confession has made clear the intent of the Democrat party and, as a result, he has highlighted Senator Landrieu’s expected role in their strategy; get re-elected and then support the Democrat push to finish the job!

The citizens of Louisiana, to whom Senator Landrieu is looking for votes in her re-election campaign, must now pose two simple questions to her. Do you share Senator Reid’s philosophy that the socialization of the American healthcare system is a good thing and that it is, in fact, the ultimate plan devised by the Democrat Party? Do you share the belief that Obamacare is just a stop on the road to this vision?

Before Louisianans vote, the citizens of Louisiana are owed the truth, but it would be naive to expect straight answers. Instead we will likely get the old “Cajun two step” answers, the same kind of answers that we have heard for three years. The same kinds of answers that we always knew in our hearts were lies.

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