Mary: I’d Vote For Obamacare Again

This would seem to set up an uphill battle for her, would it not?

Considering she’s already down by two in the Harper Polling/Conservative Intel survey released today and leading only 44-40 in the OnMessage poll Gov. Jindal’s team put out against Rep. Bill Cassidy, it wouldn’t appear that taking to the hustings to tout a vote which is roundly unpopular in the state is a good strategy.

But as you can see, that’s what she’s doing.

Obviously, this is a good opportunity for the Cassidy campaign and others interested in seeing Landrieu lose re-election to make hay on the Obamacare issue and to put her on the defensive. We’ve already discussed how Landrieu’s Obamacare Fangirl status dovetails precisely with the IRS’ role in enforcing its mandates and her having taken $23,000 in campaign contributions from the union all the IRS employees belong to; the fact that union doesn’t want its members covered by the Obamacare plan Landrieu has voted to saddle the whole country with merely makes this an even more spectacular truck crash.

She doesn’t have a lot of other options, though. If she repudiates her Obamacare vote she’s admitting failure and infuriating the DC Democrat support she’s going to need if she’s going to have a big campaign war chest in this race. It’s not that doing so would win her any conservative support, anyway; not when she’s the last Democrat standing in a statewide elected position in Louisiana.

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