Riser’s Campaign Website Is Already Up

In case you didn’t think the Out-With-Rodney-Alexander-And-In-With-Neil-Riser thing was a well-choreographed dance, our soon-to-be-newest Louisiana Congressman already has his campaign website up and running, just 48 hours from Alexander’s announcement he wouldn’t seek re-election and 24 hours after Alexander said he was resigning his seat in time for a special election this fall.

Introducing NeilRiser.com.

It isn’t fleshed out with positions on issues and biographies and so forth yet. What it has is a signup form and a donation button. And it has this…

Conservative Leadership. Traditional Louisiana Values.

Neil Riser has the backbone to fight the Washington liberals.

It’s not complicated. Washington, DC is out of control. And the liberals who run the federal government are bullies. That’s why our next congressman must be a strong conservative leader with the backbone to fight the political establishment. Neil Riser is that man.

Neil is 100% pro-life. He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. He has consistently opposed tax increases throughout his service in the Senate. He believes in the free market. And he is committed to securing the U.S. southern border, and opposes amnesty for illegal aliens.

Get involved today!

Democrat state rep Marcus Hunter, who is an African-American from Monroe, also says he’s running.

“The 5th District and Louisiana deserve strong representation regardless of party,” Hunter said. “I’m running.”

He’s running. But he doesn’t say so on his Facebook page, at least not specifically.

Hunter also sent out a tweet yesterday with this map of the district…

Which was a bit problematic, as that’s what the district looked like prior to reapportionment.

And Louisiana GOP executive director Jason Dore’ hit him with a snarky response…

Hunter came back with this…


“Outdated ideals?”

OK, if he says so.

The district has voted for the last three Republican presidential candidates by over 60 percent. Hunter has zero chance to win.

This thing is Riser’s baby. He knows it. So does everybody else.

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